Visit the Penguins at Ski Dubai

Updated on Friday 09th September 2016

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If you plan a visit in Dubai, we recommend you to meet the penguins at Ski Dubai, for an amazing experience. During 40 minutes, you will have the chance to interact with these beautiful creatures and to make some exclusive photos, as souvenir.

Meet the penguins at Ski Dubai for great memories

The Gentoo and the King penguins will amaze everyone, and it is recommended not to miss this occasion, if you visit the Mall of the Emirates and especially the Ski Dubai. Here, you will have the chance to see the beautiful birds playing by the pool, and meet up to 14 snow penguins diving into the water. You can watch them from the underwater area specially created for guests, and you can also see the penguins' story in a video available there. Children are allowed to gently touch the penguins and stroke their feathers, meanwhile a professional photographer will capture the unique moments. You can also enjoy some time watching the penguins toddling around the pool and deck, and see them dive and paddle through the underwater glass wall.

Details about the penguin encounter at Ski Dubai

For about AED860 you will experience a unique and personal interaction with the amazing penguins, and besides that, you should consider all the details regarding your tour, such as:

•    training and play session with a delicate penguin;
•    underwater viewing;
•    encountering 14 penguins;
•    photos of your penguins encounter on a data support;
•    a free souvenir;
•    granted access to the Giant Snowball and Snow Park.

The penguins encounter times are from 12 PM to 9 AM, and it is recommended to book your visit one month before your arrival in Dubai. It is good to know that the snow penguins at Ski Dubai are ambassadors for their unique species and all wildlife. People who visit and interact with the penguins at Ski Dubai are named Peng-Friends, and many of them choose to support this special place after their visits.

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