What Happens When You Have Dry Mouth?

Updated on Monday 17th October 2016

What Happens When You Have Dry Mouth? Image
In medical terms, dry mouth is known as xerostomia and it is a condition related to a low level of saliva in the mouth that leads to bad breath and many unwanted dental problems. Frequent thirsts, altered sense of taste, sore throat or chapped lips are symptoms of the dry mouth. There are certain treatments that need to be done, in order to avoid tooth decay, halitosis, and other unpleasant issues, and our dentists in Dubai can provide you with available treatments and procedures. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are suitably equipped with excellent technology and dental instruments, in order to offer the necessary dental procedures.

What causes the dry mouth to an individual?

There are certain medications that cause dry mouths, such as anti-inflammatories, high blood pressure medications or narcotics, and besides that, the salivary production can be reduced if the channels become blocked, due to infection or sandstones. Anxiety, depression or stress can also cause dry mouth. As a recommendation from our Dubai dentist, you should avoid acidic beverages and foods that contain sugar. It is known that acid causes bacteria that lead to tooth decay and cavities. Coffee can also make your mouth drier, so you should reduce the caffeine amount, if possible.

How to avoid dry mouth

Besides washing and brushing the teeth twice a day, all individuals should take into consideration other essential aspects and recommendations, in order to avoid dry mouth, like:

•    drink at least two liters of water per day;
•    avoid rinses that contain alcohol;
•    try to quit smoking;
•    search for products with xylitol, in order to increase the saliva level;
•    you can use mouth sprays;
•    maintain a healthy diet and avoid sugars;
•    don’t forget to visit the dentist periodically.

There are many oral care products on the market, including rinses and mouthwash for dry mouth. These products also offer protection against tooth decay and other important dental problems.

You can contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you have questions about dry mouth treatments or about available dental procedures.