What is a Dental Check-up in Dubai?

Updated on Friday 05th May 2017

What is a Dental Check-up in Dubai? Image
Would you like to have a beautiful smile? Do you want to have healthy teeth and no other dental problems? You should consider the importance of the dental check-up and the recommendations you can receive from our team of dentists in Dubai. They can also suggest dental implants in Dubai, if you have suffered from tooth loss or you wish to improve your smile.

The dental check-up explained step by step

It is true, there are many people who take good care of their denture and see the dentist once in a while, but there are also numerous individuals who become patients as soon as they step in our modern dental clinics in Dubai for a periodical dental check-up.  In this important stage, the dentist will completely analyze the status of the denture, if there are any cavities, decay, gum disease in early stages or any other dental problems. A dental check-up is not a painful procedure and patients should consider the following aspects when deciding to see if their denture is healthy or not:

•    the doctor will ask the patient about his/her medical record and previous dental problems;
•    the dentist will make some x-rays to properly investigate the teeth or might use an intra-oral camera for a proper visual of each tooth;
•    the patient will receive details about the status of the gums;
•    the doctor will search for oral cancer signs and other illnesses;
•    a professional cleaning will be suggested to the patient;
•    the small signs of decay can be treated at the dental check-up.

We remind that if the patient starts to feel uncomfortable or has dental anxiety, he/she must explain all the fears so that the dentist adopts a special approach to the problem.

 See your dentist at least twice per year

Once the dental check-up is done, the patient will receive a complete report about the status of the oral health. If there are any cavities, if there are signs of gingivitis, or if a patient needs dental implants, the Dubai dentist will suggest the treatment plans he/she needs and the starting point. To have healthy teeth, all individuals should consider seeing the dentist at least twice per year because it is best to solve the dental problems from the first signs instead of treating them when it is almost too late. For instance, if your dentist discovers small cavities in your teeth, he can clean the area and close it with dental fillings, this way avoiding a surgical extraction of the tooth.

For any other questions about the dental check-up in our top-class dental clinics, we invite you to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.