What is Chronic Halitosis and How Can it be Treated?

Updated on Saturday 10th June 2017

What is Chronic Halitosis and How Can it be Treated? Image
Having a bad breath is definitely unpleasant, especially if you are not aware of it and you haven’t seen a dentist in while. A chronic halitosis is a severe problem which can affect every person who does not focus on the oral hygiene. There are suitable methods to get rid of halitosis and our dentists in Dubai can offer support and complete dental treatments. There are cases where a patient can lose a tooth or several teeth, but this situation can change if you solicit information about the dental implants in Dubai.

The causes of chronic halitosis

The bad breath has many causes, but the main one is related to the oral habits everyone should pay attention to. Without the basic dental habits like brushing and flossing the teeth, a person can develop decay and cavities, due to the bacteria which attack the teeth. Persons with chronic respiratory illnesses, diabetes or other internal problems can also develop bad breath. Even medicines in such diseases may cause halitosis, due to dry mouth and dental problems which are not treated in time.

An inappropriate diet based on carbohydrates, sugary foods, lots of coffee and alcohol beverages can also develop halitosis. And if combined with untreated cavities, food debris, and poor oral hygiene, the bad breath can transform into a chronic halitosis. It is good to know that even the white tongue can be a sign of oral problems which is related to the bad breath. Our Dubai dentist can offer several dental treatments and suggests dealing with the causes of the problems, in order to change the smell of the mouth. 

Treatments for chronic halitosis in our dental clinics in Dubai

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, all patients with halitosis can receive a proper and complete oral examination which can consist of dental x-rays and oral check-up to see the status of the denture and the problems which need to be fixed. It is true, such problem cannot be treated in only one visit to your dentist in Dubai, but he/she will analyze the roots of the illness and will try to eliminate them as soon as possible. Here are the main steps of a dental treatment for chronic halitosis offered by our Dubai dentists:

•    a professional dental cleaning to remove the plaque and tartar;
•    a root canal treatment to get rid of the cavities;
•    dealing with the holes in the teeth with dental fillings;
•    fluoride treatments to strengthen the teeth.

At home remedies for chronic halitosis

Besides a professional dental treatment, a patient who suffers from chronic halitosis should consider a few important life and diet changes to improve the oral health. For instance, he/she can:

•    quit smoking;
•    avoid spices, garlic and onion;
•    eliminate as much as possible carbohydrate foods and adopt products high in fibers;
•    reduce the coffee;
•    avoid alcohol;
•    drink lots of water;
•    don’t forget to brush the teeth twice per day;
•    make sure to use dental floss in order to eliminate the debris;
•    pay attention to the tongue and clean it while taking care of the teeth;
•    use mouthwashes after you brush and floss the teeth.

If you want a professional care for your teeth and entire mouth, please contact our team of dentists in Dubai.