What Is the Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Updated on Monday 15th January 2018

The burning mouth syndrome affects both women and men with dental problems,  and certain diseases. Broken teeth with unveiled roots may also lead to the sensation of burning mouth. Luckily, our dentists in Dubai can offer the proper treatments for such problems and can also offer home remedies or recommendations. Our team can also determine what types of dental implants in Dubai are suitable for your needs. 

Causes of burning mouth

Even though a burning mouth sensation is a serious health problem, this illness may not be linked necessarily to a dental problem. The burning sensation in the mouth is, according to research, connected to the acid reflux, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies. As for the dental issues, bad-fitting dentures, allergies to dental materials, broken teeth or oral fungal infections are also causes of a burning mouth. It has been observed that the burning mouth syndrome is met mostly on women found or during the menopause, but men can also be affected by such illness. The symptoms of burning mouth may differ from person to person, but in most situations, this sensation is related to a sore mouth, metallic taste, and dry mouth. The gums, inside of cheeks, the hard palate, and the tongue are also related to the burning sensation of the mouth.

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, patients can receive all different kinds of dental treatments including in cases of burning mouth syndrome.

How to treat the burning mouth illness

When observing such bad sensations, it is best to address to a dentist in Dubai. It is essential to receive a complete dental check-up which can reveal the teeth problems. Tooth abscess, canker sores, broken teeth and affected roots by decay and bacteria can lead to a burning mouth syndrome. Your Dubai dentist must analyze the medical history of the patient which can reveal the connection to the burning mouth issue. Besides repairing the problematic teeth, the patient may be suggested to change the toothpaste and the mouthwash and to adopt a healthy diet which in some cases will mean quit smoking, not drinking coffee and sugary and carbonated drinks. There are cases where vitamins and minerals are not found at the proper levels, a matter which can be observed if blood tests are taken.

If you want to know more about the burning mouth syndrome or about the dental services we can provide in our clinics, we suggest you contact our team of dentists in Dubai.