What You Need to Know about Dental Grills

Updated on Sunday 27th August 2017

What You Need to Know about Dental Grills Image
The dental grills are made of gold, silver or are diamond jewels which are placed on the teeth. These decorative covers are, in many cases, worn by artists who want to impress in this manner, but also by normal people in search of a special look. Even though a dental grill can improve the smile and can act like a special item on the teeth, there are several things to consider once you adopt this kind of jewel, like a proper oral care. Our dentists in Dubai can offer details about how to maintain a suitable dental hygiene once you wear dental grills. Our team can also offer special dental treatments like dental implants in Dubai for persons who suffered from tooth loss.

Dental grills and oral hygiene procedures

The dental grills appeared in the early ‘80s as a touch of uniqueness adopted by American hip hop artists. This cosmetic item is made of gold or silver, with tiny pieces of gems encrusted, but not necessary, and covers the upper or lower teeth, or just a single one. A dental grill is not placed on the teeth with the help of a surgical method. Such dental jewels, also known as fronts, are attached to the front teeth and can be worn for hours or days, but not that recommended. Without the main hygiene habits like brushing and flossing the teeth, the bacteria can develop under the teeth and the dental grill, leading to varied dental problems. For example, the development of dental plaque around the grills will lead to gingivitis or periodontitis if proper oral care is not adopted. Our Dubai dentists can offer complete recommendations and dental treatments for persons who wear dental grills and who developed dental problems.

Can I ask my dentist for a dental grill?

The cosmetic dentistry advanced in a fast manner in the past decades, and besides offering teeth whitening procedures or dental sealants to improve the aesthetics, one can receive dental grills. These can be custom-made, considering the ideas provided by a patient, whether he/she wants encrusted jewels on the metal item or not. It is true, you can buy dental grills from the specialized market, but it is suggested to talk to our dentist in Dubai who will, first of all, investigate the status of the denture and will tell if a dental grill can be adopted. There are cases when persons decide to wear dental grills, but they are not aware of the fact that their teeth need several treatments. It is up on your dentist who will decide whether your teeth will support a dental grill or not.

For complete details about dental grills and about our dental services in Dubai, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.

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