What You Need to Know About Tooth Decay on Children

Updated on Saturday 14th January 2017

What You Need to Know About Tooth Decay on Children Image
Tooth decay affects adults and children, if the dental care routines are not properly made or introduced to the young ones. Bacteria can eat the primary teeth and this is how cavities appear in most cases. Our dentists in Dubai can offer information and guidance about how to avoid tooth decay on children and about how to help the little ones to correctly brush and clean the teeth. Besides that, you can receive details about the available dental implants in Dubai. The top-technology in dentistry can be found in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Why cavities appear on children’s’ teeth?

Caries can appear if the child is not properly fed with healthy products, and sweets and carbohydrates are used instead of fruits and vegetables. Besides that, a child needs to learn how to brush the teeth because if debris is not eliminated, the bacteria will develop and transform into caries which lead to toothache, hot and cold sensitivity and tooth loss in the final stage.

The prevention of tooth decay on children

The parents are the ones who need to offer a correct approach regarding the oral hygiene, besides taking the kids to the dentist. Although it might seem difficult at the beginning, it is good to know that the market is quite attractive for the little ones who can choose the toothbrush and the toothpaste from many interesting and funny products, as most of them are inspired by their favorite characters.

All the products designated for children’s dental care are approved by dentists associations worldwide and they contain the specific amount of fluoride and other important substances which will lead to a proper development and protection of the primary teeth on children. The next step is the most important one because the mother or the father needs to show the child how to brush the teeth, the tongue and the cheeks. The Dubai dentist recommends making this process with the kid, in order to see how teeth need to be brushed and cleaned.

These are daily routines which need to be made every day if you want to have a kid with healthy teeth. Besides that, the parents must know the importance of offering a correct diet, suitable for every age, where important foods rich in vitamins and minerals are necessary for a healthy denture. Regular visits to the dentist are mandatory because he can examine the child’s teeth development and can make certain treatments to prevent bacteria from developing on the primary teeth. If this set of teeth will be healthy, then the permanent teeth will grow in the same manner.

Tooth decay treatments for kids

The dentist in Dubai will analyze the status of the teeth and if there is a risk of cavity appearance he will suggest the same methods as for an adult patient, which imply the elimination of the plaque, fluoridation if necessary and small caries correction. As we all know, the little ones are not quite happy when going to the dentist, therefore, the parent needs to explain in funny ways if possible, the importance of the dental health and why the teeth need to be perfect. As a reminder, our Dubai dentists have suitable experience when dealing with dental treatments for children, where special communication is mandatory.

Extra information and details about the tooth decay in children and the available treatments can be found if you contact our team of dentists in Dubai.