What you Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

Updated on Sunday 22nd January 2017

What you Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Image
People have always wondered why do they need wisdom teeth or the third set of molars if they grow so awkward and eventually they are eliminated. We might have an explanation for this, which is related to our ancestors, way back in time, who ate all kinds of raw foods like roots, meats, nuts or leaves, for which they needed extra power to chew, therefore, the extra teeth appeared. But before we enter more into the subject we remind that our dentists in Dubai can offer information and proper treatment plans regarding the wisdom teeth, in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Besides the normal procedures made with high-class technology in dentistry, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai.

Do we need wisdom teeth?

According to specialists in medicine, wisdom teeth are definitely body organs with no useful functions, on the contrary, such teeth do bother us from early ages until in our 40ies or 50ies. But why do these teeth appear? Usually, the first wisdom tooth appears around the tenth anniversary, but they develop between 17 and 25 years, the time when people are getting wiser, considering the traditions worldwide. A person develops about four wisdom teeth in a lifetime.

The evolution of the human jaw has changed during history, becoming smaller and not letting wisdom teeth to properly grow. This is why the third set of molars is painful. They try to get out in any way, many of them growing in peculiar positions and bothering the front teeth and giving unbearable toothache, inflammation, and soreness. Most wisdom teeth get decayed as soon as they erupted, being a potential danger to the healthy teeth. As a short conclusion, according to specialists, we do not need such teeth, and it is recommended to be extracted quite fast, to preserve the health of the denture.

Wisdom tooth extraction and its implications

The Dubai dentist recommends a full examination of the wisdom teeth, with dental x-rays to see how they grow and how they can be removed. There are cases when a molar can be extracted quite easy, under an oral sedation, and no pain after. But if the tooth is placed in a sleeping position, an oral maxillofacial surgery will be performed, of course, under local anesthesia. This implies a small incision in the gumline for the tooth to be extracted in sections, including the root.

The place will then be sealed with stitches, and gauze will be added to stop the bleeding that might occur after surgery. The entire procedure takes about one hour and then the patient can easily go home, taking into consideration the recommendations of the dentist in Dubai. For at least two hours, the patient is not allowed to eat but can drink tea or home-made juices at the room temperatures. Hard food will be avoided for at least two weeks, and then a dental visit will be necessary. Brushing and flossing the teeth are still mandatory, but with extra care after the surgery, in the place where the wisdom tooth was eliminated.

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