Why You Should Use Mouthguards When Practicing Sports

Updated on Friday 16th December 2016

Why You Should Use Mouthguards When Practicing Sports Image
The sports mouthguards were invented in 1919 for boxers in order to protect the lips and the teeth during the game. And since then, the mouthguards started to be used in many other sports activities with the approval of all dental associations worldwide. If you are a sports player or just a person who likes sports activities and you wish to find out more details about the use of the mouthguards, you may ask for information from our dentists in Dubai. In a case of a tooth extraction, the dentist can recommend you dental implants in Dubai.

The benefits of the mouthguards

Baseball, hockey, soccer, boxing, and wrestling are considered sports with high risk of injuries, due to many collisions that might occur, no matter if children or adults are involved. In order to avoid injuring the teeth, the lips or fracturing the jawbone, the Dubai dentist recommends the use of mouthguards. The risk of damaging the teeth is actually available for all kinds of athletes and the main problems that might appear after a severe accident are:

•    you might break your teeth;
•    you can dislocate a tooth;
•    you may deal with chipped teeth;
•    you can fracture the jawbone;
•    you may bite your tongue;
•    you might remove a dental crown.

These are definitely severe problems because the smile and the appearance will be damaged, so will the functions of the mouth. Therefore, the dentist in Dubai recommends the use of mouthguards or dental protectors, in order to avoid such issues. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped and our team of dentists can offer you a suitable dental examination, in order to suggest you the type of mouthguards you need.

How does a mouthguard function?

The dental protectors, also known as mouthguards will minimize the risk of dental injuries. A mouthguard is made of superior soft silicone and it covers the entire denture, the tongue, and the lips. The dentist can also recommend you a protector that covers only the upper teeth, which are usually the first affected when an accident appears. It is good to know that the mouthguards are recommended by the dentists after a previous inspection of your denture and oral health. This type of mouthguards is, first of all, softened in boiled water, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and then kept at the room’s temperature. The patient will then try the protector, in order to receive the shape of the denture. In other words, you should wear custom-made mouthguards, but you have also the possibility to buy such item from the drug stores.

Mouthguards for people who wear dental braces

If you are wearing dental brackets and you wish to perform sports activities, you should visit your dentist in Dubai, in order to receive information about how to protect your teeth with mouthguards.  This can be also custom-made by your doctor. People with orthodontics should know that mouthguards are a necessary barrier between the teeth, the cheeks, and gums. It is a suitable option if you want to protect the entire mouth from further and unexpected accidents when involved in sports activities. As a recommendation, you should step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai to check up the mouthguards and the entire denture. 

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about the use of mouthguards when practicing sports.