Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai Image
Wisdom teeth usually grow in awkward positions, without enough space to develop, near normal teeth or behind the first set of teeth, therefore, it is recommended to be extracted. Our dentists in Dubai are able to offer suitable information about the wisdom tooth extraction procedure, which can be made under local anesthesia. You can also receive dental implants in Dubai and necessary details about this kind of treatment.


Why do wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Many patients who step in our modern dental clinics in Dubai choose to get rid of the wisdom teeth, due to many problems that appear. There are situations when patients develop periodontal disease, tooth decay, pain and damage to the healthy teeth because of the wisdom teeth which rapidly get decayed. The Dubai dentist will analyze the area where the wisdom tooth is and then will apply a local anesthesia and prepare the instruments. The next step is to remove the wisdom tooth with specific dental instruments used for any kind of dental extraction. This is the suitable method to avoid future complications because wisdom teeth are rapidly decaying and might attach the healthy teeth. People who wear braces are suggested to see the dentist as soon as they feel a wisdom tooth might appear.

It is good to know that oral and maxillofacial surgery will be necessary if the tooth is in the sleeping position and cannot get out because of the lack of space. Patients with more than just one wisdom tooth will need to pay extra visits to the dentist to deal with the other extractions.

Treatments after a wisdom tooth extraction in Dubai

Patients who suffered wisdom tooth extractions are advised to take extra care when brushing and flossing the teeth in that sensitive area. For at least one week, the daily procedures need to be softly made, in order to not damage the gum tissue. Soft foods are recommended in the time of healing because hard products might hurt the tissues. If you feel uncomfortable after this kind of dental procedure or if certain problems appear, like bleeding tissues, you should definitely see the dentist.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about the wisdom tooth extraction procedures in Dubai or about the dental services available in our clinics.