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Updated on Saturday 10th February 2018

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Many patients are in the situation in which a dental improvement is mandatory, not only for the appearance but also for the overall health of the denture. In this sense, dental implants in Dubai can be suggested after a complete dental examination. Our dentists in Dubai can perform varied treatments among which we mention the bone augmentation which is necessary before the dental implants are placed.

What is bone augmentation?

The dental implants can be offered to patients wanting to repair the denture and to gain the smile they want. The procedure of placing the dental implants involves in many cases rebuilding the sustainable bone. This is the case where bone augmentation can be suggested by your dentist in Dubai. The procedure is made under local anesthesia and it is subject to a bone graft placement in the jaw bone. This is an essential step in offering dental implants in order to last a lifetime.

When bone augmentation is suggested

There are numerous patients suffering from periodontitis or any other gum diseases which affected not only the teeth but the entire mouth. Dental trauma or injuries may occur in certain situations and may affect the jaw bone. Likewise, the bone density level might be unsatisfactory if a person had dentures for a long period of time. These are situations in which bone augmentation is suggested before the dental implants are placed. Your Dubai dentist will perform varied dental examinations to see how you can receive dental implants with the help of bone augmentation.

How bone augmentation is made

The bone grafting procedure in Dubai is a non-invasive operation made under local anesthesia for minimal discomfort for patients. Placing the bone graft starts with a short incision in the gum where a former tooth used to be. The next step is to place the dental implant support in the jaw bone which contains a wide range of proteins but also collagen to sustain the fast development of the bone. We mention that once the bone grows, the graft material absorbs during the time. This process may take up to 9 months before the actual dental implant is received. 

It is good to know that the source of the bone graft may be the patient’s hip or chin or can be a synthetic material made of similar elements as the natural bone. You and your dentist in Dubai can decide on the proper treatment in this sense, whether in your case it is necessary a natural bone or an artificial one. Building the bone for future dental implants may be sustained by several dental surgeries like socket preservations, ridge expansion or distraction osteogenesis.

If you want more details about the bone augmentation please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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