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Updated on Wednesday 21st February 2018

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Most dental bone grafting techniques are done to reestablish the jawbone to its former appearance following a tooth loss or a dental injuryBone grafts are also used to preserve bone construction after tooth removal. Our dentists in Dubai can offer all sorts of treatment plans regarding this kind of procedure and will explain step-by-step every possible solution to all patients. You can also ask for details about the available dental implants in Dubai.

The purpose of bone grafting 

The facial bone structure can be preserved and re-established for varied reasons, with the help of bone grafting technique which is successfully performed in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Here are the main situations in which bone grafting is necessary:

•    to restore the original height and location of the bone before adding a dental implant;
•    to sustain the skin and the muscles of the face by repairing the jaw bone;

It is good to know that repairing the jaw bone can be done with the help of oral and maxillofacial surgery, our Dubai dentists having extensive experience in this area. You can also watch the video below which comprises information about the bone graft procedures made in our dental clinics in Dubai


Bone graft procedure

The bone augmentation is a term that defines a diversity of techniques used to create a bone so that dental implants can be positioned. The graft can be your own bone or it can be a processed bone obtained from a donor. Our dentist in Dubai will explain to the patient that, after grafting, he/she has to wait for a few months for the grafted material to fuse with the present bone. "Off–the-shelf" grafted constituents either cause the surrounding bone to develop into the graft or cause cells around the graft to adjust into bone. Many different procedures can be used for bone augmentation and our team will select one depending on the type, position and number of implants to be used. 

The differences between an autograft and an allograft

The materials used in bone grafting are from different sources and are accepted by the International Association of Dentists. An autograft bone comes from the patients’ bone and represents a suitable material without any risk of infection, compared to the allograft bones which are donated in many cases, and used once they have been properly tested. Allografts have proved their effectiveness in 99% of the situations and are voluntarily available, ready to be used without the patient having to suffer from another surgical intervention.

Creating bone for a number of implants

If the jaw bone needs to be constructed to sustain a few dental implants, a lot more bone graft material will be required than if a single implant is being positioned. In this case, our Dubai dentist will suggest a procedure from which the bone should be taken from the patient’s hip or from another place, a method which is performed in a hospital, under a general anesthesia.The success rate for bone inserts in the jaws for the purpose of introduction dental implants is extraordinary. However, our dentist recommends all patients that there are chances that the bone graft will fail, even if their own bone was used.

The bone grafts are not rejected like organ transplants and our dentists in Dubai know that many people, such as smokers or patients with special medical conditions, have higher risks of graft failure than others. The failed graft will be removed and, once the area has cured, the dentist may choose to place a second implant. A special procedure like this requires a careful evaluation of the patient, informing him/her step-by-step about the future treatment.

The advantages of bone grafting

Patients who suffered from dental trauma, dental injuries, tooth loss or extraction and who need dental implants can be good candidates for bone grafting if the dentist considers so. The bone structure can be repaired and maintained with the help of bone grafts, and restoring the jaw bone will definitely improve the face of the patient, but considering that a few dental visits might be necessary. The self-esteem can be instantly regained once the denture is healthy and attractive, and bone grafting can help in this matter. Our dentists in Dubai suggest bone grafting for patients who want to make some appearance changes and who want to have healthy and strong teeth. Besides a proper brushing and flossing of the teeth, patients must visit their dentists as established from the beginning, in order to observe any changes of the bone graft, if it's correctly assimilated by the body or if there are chances to be rejected.

For complete details regarding the bone grafts available for different dental problems, our team of dentists in Dubai can help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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