Bone Regeneration

Updated on Tuesday 06th September 2016

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Dental surgery offers nowadays new dental procedures like the bone regeneration, which implies the growth of a new bone, as a support for future dental implants. It is a recommended method for patients with severe dental problems or tooth loss, and our dentists in Dubai can offer suitable information and guidance regarding the bone regeneration procedure and its implications.

As a reminder, the dental implants in Dubai are made with the latest technology, in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Details about the bone regeneration procedure in Dubai

This important and necessary procedure implies bone graft particles positioned into the bone deficiency. Here, the particles will develop into bone cells. The bone implant is then enclosed with a thin membrane before the relocation of the gum tissue over the top, and lightly sewed it back into position. This regenerative process stimulates bone development in parts without any bone.

Growing bone in this manner can help upsurge the amount of bone for the following dental implant. For this to happen, dentists normally use a patient’s bone taken from elsewhere, or synthetic bone from non-toxic materials. The entire method and all the conditions will be explained by our Dubai dentists.

Bone regeneration takes time

Regeneration is a natural process and may take several months, with proper oral care and extreme patience. If the dentist in Dubai will recommend you a synthetic bone, after a proper examination of your dental health, the bone regeneration process will normally take about 9 months to develop. In this period, the synthetic bone will grow on the grafted area, but it will take more time to thrive and to fuse to the original bone in the alveolar jawbone edge. Regarding the natural bone grafts, these have a short regeneration time, around four months because of the good tolerance from the tissues around.  A successful dental implant will depend on the correct bone regeneration and also if the patient maintains a proper oral hygiene.

Why is bone regeneration a necessary dental procedure

Patients with missing teeth are suggested to take into consideration all the benefits of the bone regeneration method. This is a suitable and also a necessary procedure for patients with severe dental problems, such as tooth loss or teeth damage. A dental implant requires bone regeneration because the deteriorated jawbone needs a good support. Dental implants with bone regeneration can last for a life time and our dentist in Dubai will explain all you need to know about how to maintain a correct oral health. In order to have successful bone regeneration it is recommended to take extra visits to your dentist, because he needs to examine the development stages.

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai, if you need additional information about the bone regeneration procedure in Dubai.


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