Ceramic Crowns in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 04th August 2016

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The ceramic crown is a type of cosmetic crown which is made of non-toxic ceramic and no other extra materials. Many patients are advised to choose this kind of crown instead of other types of crowns, like gold ones and porcelain attached to metal, in order to avoid possible allergic reactions.

The essential element of these ceramic crowns is that they are created from a translucent material which give an attractive appearance and blends in well with the rest of the teeth

Our dentists in Dubai will offer information and dental treatment plans for all patients who choose ceramic crowns, in order to recover their appearance. 

Benefits of ceramic crowns

The ceramic crowns are made from a thin material and are perfectly matched to patients who have minimal space within their mouth for a crown or desire something which has a normal and natural look. Moreover, the material used is “bio-compatible” which is suitable to natural gum soft tissue and allows it to raise back alongside the crown.

The dentist in Dubai will explain to his patients that there is no risk of an allergic reaction or sensibility to hot or cold foods.

The procedure for placing ceramic crowns

The technique is the same as for any fitting of a crown and starts with the cleaning and reshaping the tooth to be treated as a form of preparation. In the next stage, the tooth is tapered so that it will let the crown to fit tightly over the top. An imprint is then taken of the patient’s teeth with dental putty. The mould resulted is then sent to a dental lab where it will be used to create the new crown.

Meanwhile, the patient will be fitted with a temporary crown because the permanent one will take about two or three weeks to be ready. The last step involves fitting the new crown, where the dentist in Dubai will rough the surface of the affected tooth and then will allow the crown to stick to it.

If you and the dentist are pleased with the fitting, then it will be fixed definitely in place with dental non-toxic cement.

Proper oral hygiene for ceramic crowns

Our dentists in Dubai recommend correct dental care that includes daily brushing and flossing. Also, it is mentioned not to eat hard or crunchy foods and of course to avoid grinding the teeth.

For any other information regarding ceramic crowns, please feel free to contact our dental clinics in Dubai, in order to obtain proper results and suitable treatment plans.


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