Ceramic Materials Used for Dental Treatments

Updated on Thursday 08th December 2016

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Dentistry nowadays has developed quite fast and there are so many dental treatment options, including all sorts of materials. The most common material used in dental treatments is ceramic, due to its excellent quality and other important aspects like durability.  Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and details about the ceramic materials used. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you can also receive personalized treatment plans and successful dental implants.

Details about dental ceramics

Ceramic materials or porcelain are used in many dental procedures because they have a hard composition and can imitate quite well the teeth if we are talking about structure. According to their use, a classification of ceramics has been made and here we mention the following:

•    ceramics for dental veneers;
•    ceramics for artificial teeth;
•    ceramics for dental implants;
•    ceramics for dental crowns;

According to their structure, ceramic materials are classified in important categories, such as:

•    microstructural, meaning glass and crystalline composition;
•    glass ceramics, as a result of liquid glass which enters into a cooling process;
•    glass-based ceramics, a combination of glass crystalline, silicon dioxide, and alumina.

The use of dental ceramics in dentistry

The Dubai dentist can offer you details related to the ceramic and porcelain materials used in dentistry. For your information, the dental crowns are made of special porcelain and compatible metals that can resist to hard, cold or warm foods. The resin-based fillings are also made of about 80% ceramics, properly combined with silver, mercury, for a suitable chewing surface of the tooth. People who wish to straighten the teeth can choose the ceramic bracelets for comfort and stability, besides aesthetics. 

Ceramic materials and the chosen dental methods are related from the beginning and it is all up to the dentist. After a proper examination of your dental health, he will tell you what types of dental treatments you need to consider and what kind of materials are involved. It is good to know that the ceramic materials are durable and can last a lifetime if are combined with non-elements instead of hard metals or alloys.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you want additional details about the ceramic materials used in dentistry.