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Updated on Sunday 09th April 2017

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Cosmetic dentistry has become an important branch of medicine, where numerous patients started to ask for details and information in this matter. The technical developments have been improved and the outcomes of the interventions are more satisfying. Our team of dentists in Dubai can perform various cosmetic procedures, with high rates of success and fast results. Do you suffer from tooth loss and you wish to improve your appearance? You can ask details about the dental implants in Dubai, suitable for your case. We have modern dental clinics in Dubai, where our dentists can perform numerous dental treatments after proper investigations.

When to appeal to cosmetic dentistry 

A patient may be interested in cosmetic dentistry if he or she has one of the following dental problems

•    discolored teeth; 
•    chipped teeth;
•    misshapen teeth;
•    missing teeth. 

Cosmetic dentistry procedures performed in Dubai 

Our Dubai dentist can perform several dental procedures, helpful in the case of the above-mentioned issues. If you need a cosmetic procedure or you want to improve your smile, our doctors can explain all the steps of the procedures presented below:

•    teeth whitening – the teeth can lose their natural white in time due to trauma, genetic factors or lifestyle. For fast results, at our dental clinics in Dubai, you can opt for bleaching, a method in which your teeth will get whiter, beyond their natural white, in one dental session. Your dental treatment may be longer, according to the shade of white you are looking for; 
•    bonding – material used to fill gaps in the tooth; it is widely used for chipped teeth or for filling small cavities after they are cleaned by the dentist;
•    crownsdentists in Dubai recommend them when a patient needs to cover a tooth to restore its natural shape. Although they are expensive, crowns are known to be more resistant than any other cosmetic procedures;
•    veneers - thin pieces of porcelain are added over a tooth to change the color and shape of a chipped or discolored tooth. They are custom designed, according to the problem of the tooth
•    tooth reshaping our dentists in Dubai use this procedure to re-model an irregularity of a tooth

Teeth whitening in Dubai

It is well-known that teeth whitening is for sure a great and recommended method to improve the appearance, to become confident and to smile as much as possible. Coffee, wine, and smoking are the main enemies of the teeth which get stained and change their color. If you have planned a dental visit in Dubai, we recommend you step in our modern dental clinics for complete information about how to regain your smile with the help of teeth whitening procedures. For instance, the dentist will bleach the teeth if tartar has been removed due to a professional cleaning. A lighter shade than the original tooth color can be obtained while whitening the teeth under a special light.

Dental veneers in Dubai

If you have special reasons to ask for cosmetic dentistry, you can also choose dental veneers to improve your denture. This is also a preferred method to solve cosmetic problems like cracked or uneven teeth. The veneers are made of ceramics and placed on the front of teeth with a strong dental adhesive. The final result is amazing, patients sensing the difference and instantly gaining a new look. We remind that the dental veneers are part of the cosmetic methods which you can receive in our clinics within a few hours, where no pain is felt.

Composite bonding methods in Dubai

Do you have discolored teeth or decayed ones? The Dubai dentist will propose you repairing methods based on a composite. After drilling and cleaning the decayed area, a composite will be placed to fill the gap, using high-intensity light to bond with the natural tooth. This is a recommended method for all patients who want to instantly improve their teeth and to easily repair the small cavities or cracks on the teeth.

The video below explains you the dental cosmetic procedures you can obtain when visiting our top-class dental clinics in Dubai:

If you don’t know which procedure applies best to your situation, at our dental clinic in Dubai the doctors will help you choose the most appropriate dental procedure for your aesthetic problem. Please contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you want to find out more details about the available cosmetic procedures in our clinics.



February 19, 2016

I think that modern dentistry implies less and less painful procedures, which is a great achievement for this industry, as people used to be scared of seeing the dentist. Now, the most common dental problems can be solved very fast, with almost no discomfort for the patient.

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