Dental Abscess and Treatments in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 21st February 2018

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An abscessed tooth is an infection within a tooth which spread to the root tip or, in many cases, around the root. The infection begins from the tooth's inner cavity, which is called the pulp chamber, a place with blood vessels and nerves. In this case, the tooth has basically lost its capacity to fight the infection and bacteria are able to attack the pulp chamber, the last one growing in size noticeably. As the bacteria multiply, the impurity frequently spreads from the tissue room and leaves through the end of the root into the bone. Our dentists in Dubai can offer suitable treatments for persons who have developed dental abscesses.

What happens when a dental abscess appears?

The abscess is a collection of fluid that is made up of dead white blood cells, tissue debris, and germs. The patient will feel a severe pain and, in many cases, he/she cannot eat and speak properly. A visit to our Dubai dentist is necessary when these symptoms are unbearable for every patient:

•    vomiting;
•    chills;
•    nausea;
•    difficulty swallowing;
•    hard to breathe or open the mouth.

If it rests untreated long enough, the infection can spread to the jaw and harm the other teeth and that requires supplementary treatment. The signs frequently found in combination with a dental abscess may contain:

•    tenderness with touch;
•    gum inflammation;
•    deep cavities;
•    oral or facial swelling;
•    difficulty and pain when opening the mouth.

If the eruption has spread near the tooth, there is normally sensitivity to touch the infected area. Dental abscesses may vary from minor to severe and they may be related to no signs or with bad symptoms. Dental abscesses need to be taken care in our dental clinics in Dubai.  

If someone is detecting important symptoms like nausea, gum inflammation or difficulty in swallowing, our dentists in Dubai recommend an urgent visit for a proper treatment. If the infection becomes so aching that it cannot be managed by nonprescription pills, a medical opinion is necessary because drainage might be needed. Our doctors also recommend to all patients who develop nausea, vomiting, chills or fever, as a result of a dental abscess, not to postpone the visit and accept the treatment and advice.

The video below explains the situations in which a tooth abscess appears and also the necessary treatments to consider: 


When a dental abscess gets complicated?

Microbes found in a tooth hole or cavity can touch the gum tissues, can reach the throat or can develop beneath the tongue or into the jawbone, leading to a severe status of a dental abscess. This kind of problem is, in most cases, related to blocked airways, where a person cannot breathe normally. Fevers, nausea, sweats, and chills are also signs that a dental abscess and the infection took over the control in your mouth. A patient with a complicated dental abscess must see the dentist as soon as possible because he/she is the one who can provide the first aid in such bad and unpleasant situation. For example, the patient will receive a pain reliever and then the doctor will drain the secretion. Please consider that such treatment is followed by certain medication like antibiotics which can slow down and eventually eliminate the infection.

The next step is to treat the decayed tooth, but if it cannot be saved, the dentist will remove it with special dental instruments and will suggest dental implants in Dubai

Dental abscess treatment offered by our dentists in Dubai

In our dental clinic in Dubai, the patients with abscesses will get a first evaluation of the problem and, if necessary, a dental X-ray will be done. This procedure can show the location of the eruption even if we are talking about the deepest part of the tooth.  Dental eruptions which are extremely life-threatening may involve hospitalization. 

Our Dubai dentists can prescribe medication until the symptoms can be controlled, but this initial measure is often necessary for a temporary pain release. However, additional treatment is needed to eliminate the primary source of infection and to avoid reappearance. The location of the primary cause of infection determines the final treatment choices, which may contain periodontal treatment, extraction of the tooth or root canal treatment.

How to prevent a dental abscess

Preventing a dental abscess will pretty much depend on how a person maintains the oral hygiene. The bacteria and destructive mouth debris which cause tooth decay can be eliminated with proper brushing and flossing of the teeth twice per day. Healthy gums and teeth can be maintained this way if mouthwashes are used each day because this is how you eliminate bacteria from the teeth, with the help of special ingredients. Besides that, a mouth-rinse provides a fresh breath and a great sensation of cleaned teeth. All hygiene products cannot be completely effective if patients do not visit the dentist at least once in six months for suitable dental check-ups

For any dental problems like abscesses or tooth decay, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of dentists in Dubai. You can rely on our dental services in Dubai which are suitable for each patient, according to his/her medical problem.



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