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Updated on Friday 22nd December 2017

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Dental fillings have been used since the 19th century and encountered varied improvements over the years. In a continuous search of treating decayed teeth, the dental filling has proven to be a suitable dental treatment used in many forms with a high rate of success. Our dentists in Dubai can offer details about the available dental fillings for each patient, according to his/her needs. In cases of tooth loss, dental implants in Dubai can be suggested, in order to restore the denture and improve the appearance.

How can a dental filling help?

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, all patients can receive dental check-ups where problems are detected and then treated after an established dental treatment plan. The dental fillings are used in cases of tooth decay, where the dentist in Dubai removes the decay and then seals the hole in the tooth with the help of dental fillings which come in different forms. It is good to know that a filling is the suitable method used to restore a damaged tooth and can also prevent decay not to develop after such treatment.

Here is a video with details and information about the dental fillings available in Dubai

Types of dental fillings

Composite resin, silver, gold, porcelain or amalgams are among dental fillings used in our dental clinics, in accordance with the patient’s desire, but with a final decision of the dentist who knows better if a particular material is suitable or not, considering the gravity of the problem. Even more, there are patients who are allergic to certain materials, therefore, complete attention is offered when the dental fillings are chosen. Here are the main dental fillings used as treatments in cases of tooth decay:
the composite resin is made of plastic, can have the same color as the tooth, and it is placed in the hole of the tooth where it hardens. This material can last about ten years;
the amalgam fillings are made of silver, can last a lifetime, are resistant and are not expensive. Having a dark color, an amalgam filing is frequently used for the back teeth;
the porcelain fillings are also named onlays or inlays, are durable and are created in a dental laboratory. These fillings can cover the entire tooth, can have the same color with the other teeth and are extremely resistant;
the gold fillings can last about 20 years, are considered the best fillings and are the most expensive dental treatments. This kind of filling is well tolerated by the body and it is used for many years.

Your dentist in Dubai will provide you with information about the treatments available and will explain which one is suitable for your dental problems.

How a dental filling is placed

A decayed tooth is cleaned under local anesthesia with varied dental instruments, including laser, if the amount of decay necessitates other types of treatments. The Dubai dentist will then prepare the area, or in other words, the hole in the teeth for dental fillings. In varied cases, to protect the root and the nerve, a liner made of glass composite resin can be placed. The next step is placing the dental filling (porcelain, gold, plastic, amalgam) inside the tooth, and then harden it with special lights. A successful dental filling is the one that is not high compared to the other teeth, but if such problem occurs, the dentist will polish it until it gets even and the denture closes properly.
The dental fillings are suitable options for patients with decay, and for complete information in this matter, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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