Dental Implants for Changing Your Smile

Updated on Wednesday 23rd November 2016

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Suffering from tooth loss is definitely unpleasant for all people, but due to the developed dentistry nowadays, they can regain the smile and the confidence they need, with the help of successful dental implants. Our dentists in Dubai can offer proper information and details about the dental procedures made in our dental clinics in Dubai and about the available dental implants for changing your smile.


Details about the dental implant treatments in Dubai

A patient can have one or more teeth replaced teeth with the help of the dental implants available in our modern clinics in Dubai. The dental implant was invented way back in 1952 by a Swedish dentist and since then, this is the proper option to replace a missing tooth. The procedure implies the surgical insertion of an implant or anchor in the socket of the extracted tooth. After the osseointegration process (the assimilation of the implant into the jawbone) which usually takes about 6 to 9 months, the dentist will examine the area and then will place the permanent tooth. The artificial tooth will have the same color as the healthy teeth of the patient, and the smile will be 100% improved. The duration of a dental implant is related to the proper oral hygiene and to the doctor’s special recommendations, such as:

•    choose a healthy diet;
•    use a proper toothbrush;
•    take minerals and vitamins supplements;
•    properly brush and floss the teeth.

The Dubai dentist will recommend dental implants and mini dental implants for all patients in search of regaining or improving the smile. These are also suitable choices in order to stabilize the denture because teeth will always tend to migrate in time if there is enough space.

How much time does a dental implant treatment need to be completed?

A dental implant treatment and the smile can be regained in about nine months, but this detail can be established by your dentist in Dubai. If you have planned a dental visit in Dubai, you should consider a few extra visits to our dental clinics, due to the surgical technique, bone regeneration, and healing time. The final results will certainly be as expected because the dental implants will recover the lost smile and will make a patient feel confident once again.

If you are interested in our dental services and if you need additional information about the available dental implant treatments to change your smile, you may contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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