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Updated on Sunday 14th May 2017

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When a tooth can no longer be saved, the dentist will recommend you a dental implant. If you are in need of a dental implant and/or a dental prosthesis, our dentists in Dubai can perform this intervention, using the newest medical equipment. If you have planned a trip to Dubai, make sure to visit our modern dental clinics in Dubai, where top class technology and experienced doctors can be found. Numerous patients choose dental implants in Dubai for excellent results and instant improvements of the denture.

Important details about dental implants in Dubai 

Dental implants were invented in 1952 by a Swedish doctor. Since then, the procedure has become a standard in dentistry, practiced by the dentists worldwide. Dental implants are necessary when replacing a natural tooth. The operation can only be performed using anesthetics, as the dental intervention requires the doctor to drill in the jawbone and insert a titanium screw, on which the prosthetic tooth will be added. The intervention is not done for patients under the age of 18, as the natural bone and jawbone are not fully developed yet. 

Types of dental implants

Our Dubai dentist is prepared to offer you the solution that fits your dental situation. At our dental clinic in Dubai, the doctors can perform the following dental implants

•    endosteal dental implant – the dentists insert into the jawbone screws or cylinders, that will hold the prosthetic tooth; this method is preferred as it offers stability to the new tooth.  
•    subperiosteal dental implant – the implant is done on the bone, on the top of the jawbone, by adding metal framework that will sustain the prosthetic tooth.

Dental implant procedure in Dubai 

A patient can require a dental implant in various cases. You can present your situation to our dentists in Dubai, who can perform the following: 

•    replace a single tooth;
•    replace several teeth;
•    replace all the teeth, in which case the patient will need dentures;
•    sinus augmentation – doctors can raise the sinus floor to successfully insert a dental implant.

After deciding on how to approach your dental implant, the dentist will insert a titanium screw. The dentist will also prepare a socket in the jaw, which will replace the root of the natural tooth. After the procedure is done, the screw will fuse with the bone in three to six months, in a process that is called “osseointegration”. You can benefit from a dental treatment in Dubai even if you suffer from diabetes, cardiac diseases, osteoporosis and other diseases. 

If you want to discover more details about the available dental implants in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below: 


The benefits of dental implants

The dental implants are the suitable replacements for natural teeth. It might take a while until they are placed in the mouth, but the results are spectacular, and besides that, the dental implants are built to last a lifetime. If you want to know why numerous patients choose dental implants, we remind the benefits of such dental treatments:

•    the dental implants are long-term solutions in cases of missing teeth;
•    a patient will instantly regain the natural shape of the face;
•    a perfect denture will increase the self-esteem;
•    you can properly eat and speak like you used to;
•    the dental implants do not develop cavities, but professional cleaning might be necessary from time to time;
•    you can bite naturally with dental implants;
•    the dental implants are fixed in place right beside the natural teeth, and will not move;
•    having dental implants will protect the jawbone from deteriorating in time.

Who can benefit from dental implants?

According to important research in dentistry in the last past years, patients can choose dental implants if:

•    they have osteoporosis;
•    they are pregnant;
•    they have a chronic illness;
•    they are over 50 years old;
•    they are children with developing jawbones;

Your Dubai dentist will need to have access to your medical record and if patients follow a particular medication, it is recommended to be mentioned from the first visit. There are several investigations to be made as soon as you decide for dental implants in Dubai. Our team of dentists in Dubai is specialized in various areas of dental treatments and they will find the best solution for you.

If you are in need of a dental implant, please contact our dental clinic in Dubai.



February 24, 2016

This procedure is indeed painful, but only in the day when it is performed. After this, the patient can still feel some pain, but is felt as a mild discomfort, as the techniques used by the dentists are more and more precise and designed to inflict less pain.

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