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Updated on Monday 12th June 2017

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Any person who needs oral care should know that the dentist will begin by selecting a specific dental treatment plan, according to the patient’s needs, desires, and medical history. Our dentists in Dubai will determine the best dental treatment plans for you, no matter if you are a local or a foreign citizen, at highest quality standards. If the case requires, dental implants in Dubai will be suggested for patients who suffered from tooth loss and want to regain the smile and confidence.

Main phases of establishing a dental treatment plan in Dubai

The treatment plan starts by assessing the patient’s problems, as each medical case is unique in its own way. Our Dubai dentists will apply the most appropriate dental treatment plans to their patients, so that the medical problems would be solved as fast as possible, taking into account the comfort of the client. A treatment plan can vary not only because of the dental problems, but by a large set of factors, amongst them being the patient’s general health, the cost of the medical interventions offered by the dentist, the dental tourism package chosen by the client, and many others. 

Dental treatment plan procedure

As a general rule, a dental treatment plan is comprised of the following steps:

•    the dentist will assess the general health situation, by carrying out a full dental examination;
•    if the patient has a certain problem, the dentist will recommend a dental treatment plan
•   in case the patient does not approve the recommended plan, the doctor will provide alternative treatments for that specific oral problem;
•    based on the dentist’s recommendations, the patient will give his or her consent to follow a specific treatment plan;
•    the dentist will initiate the treatment. 

If the matter for which the patient has made an appointment to the dental clinic in Dubai is urgent, the dentist will operate him and then will move to the less important medical issues, offering solutions for them. The dentist in Dubai will also provide information on how a client can prevent certain dental issues that he or she may be predisposed to. At the medical check-up, the dentist will explain what procedures will be applied to the patient, the time allocated for each intervention and the order in which all of these will be solved. Our doctors in Dubai will use their expertise in order to perform orthodontic procedures, cosmetic dentistry, teeth fillings and extractions, gum treatments, dental implants, and many others. 

We invite you to watch a comprehensive video about the available dental treatment plans in Dubai:

Dental implants as part of your treatment plan in Dubai 

As soon as the Dubai dentist finishes the investigation of your denture, he/she can suggest dental implants if you have some missing teeth. The procedure takes time but the final result is definitely as expected because the appearance will be improved. The method consists of placing an abutment where the natural tooth used to be. The important part starts from this moment and it is called osseointegration, meaning that the abutment needs to fuse with the jawbone in about nine months. The next step is to place the artificial tooth and the crown for a complete and correct dental implant. Such procedure will also help the natural teeth stay in their position without having to migrate and leave empty spaces between them. The patient will soon recover the proper functions of the mouth besides an attractive smile and complete confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry as part of your treatment plan in Dubai

People with misshapen, stained, or chipped teeth can benefit from cosmetic dentistry to repair the dental problems. In the case of a chipped tooth, the dentist will reconstruct it with special dental filings, will polish it and will use some fluoride techniques to strengthen the new tooth. If the nerve was damaged, the doctor will perform a root canal treatment under local anesthesia and then will proceed with the reconstruction of the tooth. As for the discolored or stained teeth, a whitening procedure will be suggested, the results being seen instantly after only one visit to the dentist.

Surgical extractions as part of your treatment plan in Dubai

There are patients with cavities, missing parts of a tooth or who deal with the pain of a wisdom tooth. If the dentist in Dubai considers a tooth can no longer be saved, he/she will recommend a surgical extraction, of course, under oral sedation. As we all know, the wisdom teeth can grow in the sleeping position, attacking the healthy teeth on their way out. This situation comes with severe pain and will not let go until the problem is fixed, meaning a surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth. The healing after a tooth extraction doesn’t take much time, and the patient can easily start his/her daily activities, considering the main steps of a proper oral hygiene, where brushing and flossing at least twice per day are impetuous.

If you want to benefit from professional dental services and you are interested in being treated in our dental clinics, please contact our team of dentists in Dubai. After you come to Dubai in order to benefit from high-quality dental treatments, you can also enjoy a few days in this famous city where you will find a lot of interesting places and proper services, such as car rental, hotels, restaurants etc. 



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