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Updated on Sunday 14th May 2017

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In the last years, Dubai has become one of the top traveling destinations and it is well known for its luxury services and amazing architecture. Thousands of foreign visitors come every year to enjoy the magnificent city and benefit from high medical services at modern dental clinics in Dubai.  Our dentists in Dubai provide a large area of medical procedures, from regular examinations to solving specific problems that require a lot of care – dental implants in Dubai, bone surgery or restorative dentistry. Regardless of the medical problem, one should know that all these procedures are done under the supervision of highly trained dentists, operating with the newest high-tech equipment. 

Types of dental treatments in Dubai

Our Dubai dentists can provide you with the following dental treatments, for which they can prescribe a certain dental treatment plan, according to your needs: 

•     Dental check-up in Dubai consists of a comprehensive examination of the mouth and teeth and it may cover cleaning, polishing, and further recommendations, according to the minor problems the patient may have.

•     Periodontics is a field of expertise offered in Dubai, and it is related to the prevention or the treatment of the gum diseases. Research has found that men are more likely to be affected by periodontal disease, but this specific issue is met at both sexes. A study from 2012, conducted in the USA, revealed that 47,2% of the American population is suffering from periodontitis.

•    Orthodontics in Dubai refers to the study of the teeth alignment or irregularities and the problems that may appear during the growth process. Most of the interventions are done for medical reasons, but also for aesthetics purposes and dentists working here can provide you with the best solution, according to the medical issue and the client’s lifestyle.

•     Endodontic interventions (root canal treatments) are more complicated procedures, but in medical practice it is one of the most common interventions, allowing the patient to keep his or her natural tooth.  

•     Prosthodontics is a restorative field, in which the patient is opting for a crown in order to cover a damaged natural tooth. This area of expertise also addresses to the people in need of dental prostheses

•     Restorative dentistry services offered in Dubai cover a larger area of procedures, like fillings for teeth cavities, whitening the teeth or adding porcelain veneers for damaged teeth. Our dental clinics in Dubai can provide very efficient services for these issues. 

A client can also benefit from high-quality services for dental implants or, in more complicated cases, for bone surgery. The implant is done by inserting a titanium screw in the jawbone on which a new tooth will be added. Our doctors in Dubai welcome children as well, by offering high standard pediatric dental services, in an environment that accommodates their specific needs, in order to enjoy the medical intervention and develop familiarity in seeing the dentist as a prevention method in the first place. 

We invite you to watch a comprehensive video about the available dental treatments in our dental clinics in Dubai

Dental implants in Dubai

Numerous patients suffer from tooth loss due to bad oral habits or medical problems. For such issues, our dentists have a solution: dental implants in Dubai. This is one of the most wanted and appreciated dental treatment where patients regain their appearance and they can smile with no restrictions or embarrassment. We remind that the dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth, the entire denture or can help raise the sinus floor. The entire procedure is made under oral sedation and a waiting time until you receive the implant will pretty much depend on the osseointegration, a process where the bone must fuse with the titanium screw. Additional details can be obtained from our team of dentists in Dubai.

Teeth whitening in Dubai

The dental vacations in Dubai have numerous purposes: some people want to treat small issues, some need dental implants and others want to have a perfect smile. We invite you in our top class dental clinics in Dubai where you can benefit from complete guidance when choosing a proper treatment according to your oral health. Teeth whitening is the proper solution if you want to make a substantial change to your appearance. Bleach treatments can be offered by our dentist in Dubai in only one visit, the final result being above expectations.

Professional dental cleanings in Dubai

Dental plaque and tartar can turn into severe dental problems if not treated in time. Numerous patients deal with gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, which most of times lead to tooth loss. If you want to avoid such problems and if you wish to maintain a good oral health it is advisable to see your dentist for a professional dental cleaning.

If you are interested in high-quality treatments provided here, please contact our dentists in Dubai, who will give you a detailed offer according to your needs. 



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Hello! I think I need a dental crown, for a partially damaged tooth. Can you give more details on this procedure? I am interested to find out how much time the procedure will take. Thank you!

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