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Updated on Monday 22nd January 2018

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For longevity, stability and beautiful shiny teeth, one of the most requested dental procedures nowadays in Dubai involves the use of thin pieces of porcelain or plastic, named dental veneers. Even though dental veneers might be considered expensive, with porcelain veneers that cost more than direct composite veneers, patients are very pleased with their results and feel the benefits far outweigh the cost. The facings are used on teeth with irregular facades or for discolored, unevenly spaced or chipped teeth. This dental procedure needs little or no anesthesia. Dental veneers are used to treat some of the same difficulties as bonding. You can also receive dental implants in Dubai. It is good to kow that our dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with high-class technology. 

Dental veneers charge factors

The cost of dental veneers in Dubai depends on various factors, such as: 

•    the number of teeth needing veneers;
•    the material used (porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite resin ones);
•   the artistic and technical expertise of the ceramist making the veneers and the cosmetic dentist who places the veneers;
•    the position where dental veneers treatment is done; 
•    the type of dental insurance the patient has because usually it doesn´t cover the cosmetic procedures;
•    the charges of the cosmetic dentist performing the procedure.

The dentists in Dubai offer payment plans for cosmetic and dental procedures, after further discussion with the patient. 

During the veneers consultation, the patient will actively contribute to the smile design process and will be able to share the preferences for the color, shape, width, and length of the veneers. The dental veneer procedure can often be finished in two dental appointments over the course of six weeks. The visits are ample and may need some hours of checkup and tooth preparation. To help the patient relax, the dentist might use an easy sedation or audio and visual distractions found in the cabinet. The diagnostic and the checkup phase of dental veneer treatment are necessary and they identify any oral health problems that must first be solved before veneer placement.

The dental veneer procedure, step by step

There are several steps in the dental veneer procedure and the dentists from Dubai will explain them to the patients, step by step:

•    first, the dentist will probably administer a local anesthetic for the patient’s comfort and relaxation during tooth preparation and placement of the veneer;
•    after this procedure, the natural tooth is then arranged by minimally reshaping it with a small handheld rotational cutting device;
•    the dentist will then apply the properly shaded composite to the patient teeth, shape the material and harden it using a high-intensity light;
•    extra layers of composite may be applied to build the veneer to the correct shape, length and form for the patient’s smile;
•    when all composite is positioned, the veneers will be completed and polished using burs and polishers;
•    if the treatment needs porcelain veneers, the dentist will make an impression of the teeth from which a mold of the patient’s mouth will be made.

Our dentists in Dubai will, first of all, explain to the patients if they will need temporary veneers before the last ones will be placed. And if the dental veneer treatment contains one or a couple of teeth and enough coating remains on the surface, the dentist may not use the temporary procedure. After the teeth shape procedure, they may be more sensitive to hot or cold due to the loss of enamel during tooth preparation. The dentist will finally estimate and correct, if necessary, the newly placed veneers to confirm the optimal fit and color. And of course, the doctor will advise his/her patients not to bite or chew on hard objects like bones or nut shells and not to use the teeth to open or tear packages.

For any information regarding dental veneers, please feel free to contact our dentists in Dubai.


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