Direct and Indirect Restorations

Updated on Monday 10th October 2016

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The advanced technology nowadays offers many options regarding dental restorations and people have the possibility to repair the decayed or damaged teeth, in order to restore the dental health and regain the smile. Our dentists in Dubai are specialized in two types of restorations, such as direct or indirect, and they can provide you with details and information about many other dental procedures. If you are interested in dental implants in Dubai, you are invited to step in our modern dental clinics, which are properly equipped with high-standard technology.

Details about direct restorations in Dubai

The direct restorations imply resin-based composite placed on small cavities caused by decay. The direct technique is also known as chairside and can be carried out in only one visit to your dentist in Dubai. He can choose from a wide range of filling options based on the type and the placement of the filling. For instance, composite resin is used as a replacement positioned near the tooth root or other zones not exposed to full pressure from mastication. The direct restoration technique is also used for preventive, as well as reasonably conservative conditions. Your dentist can create incredible replicas to be placed on your tooth in such manner that you might think there are no fillings involved.

Details about indirect restorations in Dubai

The indirect restoration technique is suggested for a patient who needs a full tooth replacement or if large tooth structure needs to be substituted. In other words, the patient might deal with more than 70% tooth loss, therefore, the restoration will imply enough material of filling to complete and reshape the tooth. This situation can involve teeth cusps, which are small peaks from the back of the tooth, if there are any of them left. Besides that, the Dubai dentist will also use tougher composite or material to compensate for the tooth enamel loss. The indirect restoration procedure may involve a few extra visits to your dentist in Dubai, and for that reason, a proper treatment plan and a planned dental visit might be necessary to consider. Porcelain and composite resins are the main materials used in direct and indirect restorations, due to their excellent properties, such as durability and stability.

If you need extra information about direct and indirect restoration techniques in Dubai, please get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.


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