Drainage of the Dental Abscess

Updated on Monday 19th September 2016

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A dental abscess is an infection that has spread outside the local area around the problematic tooth. It is caused by poor dental health, tooth decay, broken teeth or old dental procedures that fail. The drainage of a dental abscess is the dental technique used for removing the pus pressing on the nerve.

Most frequent causes of a dental abscess

Abscesses are often caused by dental procedures that involved drilling out a tooth or old filling affecting the pulp of the tooth. Because it cannot resist this irritation, the blood flow of the pulp becomes slower and even stops over time. This is how a low-grade infection develops and it can become either acute or chronic.

Firstly, an abscess is given by bacteria from the tooth that extends into the gums and in the rest of the oral cavity, affecting and inflaming the tissues beneath the tongue or even the jaw or other facial bones. This can be very painful because of the pressure within the abscess. Our dentists in Dubai recommend immediate drainage of the pus and will provide good care for the affected area.

Otherwise, the severe pain will continue. It will only become less painful as the pus releases into more tissues. The face of the patient will swell as the infection extends. Immediate action must be taken, and the infection should be first controlled with antibiotics. The drainage must not be delayed because it can cause chronic infections.

Drainage of the abscess

Consequently, in our dental clinics in Dubai, a local anesthetic solution will be injected around the tissue in order to numb it. Then, an incision will be made in the swollen area, using a small scalpel. The abscess is drained out; the incision is left open so that it will continue draining by itself. The patient will feel an instant relief when eliminating the pus and the incised area will heal by itself.

Oral health is vitally important; if you have missing teeth or you need dental works, such as dental implants, you may visit our dentists in Dubai. Please feel free to contact our dentists in order to receive proper assistance regarding dental treatment plans.



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