Drill-free Veneers

Updated on Sunday 07th January 2018

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The concept of adding materials to teeth, with the precise purpose to change the way they look is nothing new to modern dentistry nowadays.
Usually, teeth are arranged with proper methods, in order to assign and preserve a restorative material, normally a filling, a crown or a porcelain veneer

With no-prep veneers the procedure is adjustable, almost risk-free, though eliminating them is not an easy task and best realized using a laser.

Our dentists in Dubai can offer proper information about the drill-free veneers procedure.

The meaning of drill-free veneers in Dubai

Prepless veneers or “drill-free veneers” are a concept that produces numerous feedbacks and beliefs among dentists, fluctuating from total suspicion that they can ease operative repairs, to appreciation for these conventional and innovative works of art.

Unluckily, some prepless methods and products spread deeply in the media have shown dense, massive looking repairs, producing skepticism among some dentists and patients.

And yet, despite these worries, an indisputable trend is to include not only minimal prep, but also “no-prep” repairs into the compendium of practical treatment choices and substitutes.

Potential situations for no-prep veneers

There is an important number of patients who have small teeth for many reasons: acid erosion, genetic factors causing naturally small teeth and gaps between the teeth, differences between jaw size and teeth size.

Many times, the teeth in the sides of the smile are placed inward and do not display from a frontal view, so you should consider having drill-free veneers, with the help of our dentist in Dubai.

Orthodontic circumstances that concern the extraction of teeth to resolve a crowding problem naturally result in thin arch forms with the teeth that sometimes slope inside.

As you know, teeth are genetically deformed. For example, “peg laterals” is an impartially common disorder in which one or both of the teeth next to the two upper front teeth are very small and peg or pin-shaped.

No-prep veneers can make many positive modifications, but there are some conditions that no-prep veneers can't adjust. 

In situations that contain unsuitable tooth position, poor bite relations, large differences in root position, or a poor facial profile, some form of orthodontic treatment will be necessary to mechanically move the teeth

If orthodontic treatment is rejected, some amount of tooth preparation may be mandatory to generate the illusion of a suitable placement. 

When veneers are used to cover-up unsuitable tooth positions, it must be used with the idea that there are risks and limitations.

Besides drill-free veneers procedure, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai

It is good to know that our modern dental clinics in Dubai have high-standard dental instruments, proper for every treatment plan.

You can contact our dentists in Dubai for any other information about the drill-free veneers or no-prep veneers procedure


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