Extraction vs. Root Canal

Updated on Tuesday 22nd November 2016

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A decayed tooth that can no longer be saved needs to be extracted, in order to save the other healthy teeth. If a tooth presents infection in the pulp area, it means the decay broke the enamel and attacked the nerve. In this situation, the endodontist will perform a root canal procedure. Our dentists in Dubai can offer you details about the tooth extraction procedure and about the root canal treatment, after a previous examination of your dental health. In most cases, after a tooth extraction, you can receive a dental implant in Dubai, in our modern dental clinics, properly equipped with high-class technology.

Why choose a tooth extraction procedure in Dubai?

Many patients step into a dental clinic in Dubai when the tooth pain is awful and there is nothing to be done to save the injured tooth. The proper method is to remove the tooth from its socket and to clean and close the area. A tooth extraction is made under local anesthesia or oral sedation. This dental procedure is recommended for patients with severe tooth decay, about 80% of the tooth being damaged. The dentist in Dubai will check up the painful area, will make an X-ray to see the gravity of the problem and then will recommend the tooth extraction if there is nothing else to be done or saved. The doctor can also suggest you a successful dental implant, with the help of the bone regeneration method. In about nine months, the patient can have a brand new tooth and  will start to eat properly. The aspect will be 100% improved. The healing process after a tooth extraction implies careful brushing and cleaning with special toothpaste, toothbrushes, and rinses, avoiding as much as possible in the first days, the sensitive area. It is recommended to avoid hard food and to choose a healthy diet for a fast healing process.

Why choose a root canal treatment in Dubai

The root canal therapy is also known as the endodontic treatment which implies a certain oral treatment to save and clean the infected pulp and nerve of a decayed tooth. The procedure is normal and performed by all Dubai dentists after a proper examination of the dental health and especially after a suitable analysis of the injured tooth. The root canal therapy means opening the tooth in order to remove the affected pulp. The next step is to wash the area, to reshape the tooth and to apply resin fillings that close the tooth. The entire process is made under local anesthesia and the patient won't feel the pain.

If the infected area hurts so badly, the endodontist might ask you to take some medication in order to release the pain. After the medication treatment, the dentist can perform a root canal therapy. It is good to know that the procedure will save the tooth, and a proper oral hygiene is necessary, in order to avoid the development of bacteria. Due to the advanced technology in this domain, the dentist has the chance to operate under the microscope and to accurately clean the infected area. Antibiotics may be prescribed after a root canal therapy. No matter the type of dental treatment you want to choose, it is good to know that teeth can be saved and the appearance can be enhanced.

You are invited to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai if you need additional details about the tooth extraction procedure or about the root canal treatment in Dubai.


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