Gingival Curettage in Dubai

Updated on Friday 15th September 2017

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The gingival curettage is a procedure used to clean the inside of the gingival wall of any sick or injured soft tissue. This kind of method can be used during a root planning procedure, which means removing the necrotic tooth substance, or during scaling, which means removing deposits from the root surface. Using only curettage procedure will not remove the causes of infection, but our dentists in Dubai will be able to deliver the patient a complete dental treatment for any gum or other tooth complications. Even more, patients can ask for dental implants in Dubai if they have suffered from tooth loss and you wish to regain your oral health.

Types of curettages and when they are required

There are two types of curettages that our dentists in Dubai use and explain to all patients every time it is necessary:

•    gingival;
•    subgingival.

The gingival curettage is done laterally to the pocket wall, where the irritated or injured soft tissue is eliminated. The procedure for subgingival curettage is made in order to split the connective tissue supplement down to the osseous peak. The purpose of curettage is to decrease pocket deepness by enhancing gingival reduction and new connective tissue attachment. Curettage procedure reduces inflammation prior to pocket removal for patients where aggressive surgical procedures are contraindicated because of age, psychologic or systemic problems. Curettage does not eliminate the causes of inflammation, so it should always be followed by a scaling and root planing. In this case, our dentist in Dubai will use a local anesthetic injection or spray into the mouth in the area of affected gingival tissues.

What type of instruments are used in gingival curettages?

The dental instrument is a sharp curette introduced into the tooth pocket facing the periodontal pocket. Our Dubai dentist will then use a horizontal stroke to eliminate the inflamed tissue from the pocket. After the irritated tissue is detached, the dentist will flush and clean the pocket. A curettage is usually used when the patient suffers from periodontitis, which means inflammation and infection of the gums. The dentist in Dubai is using this procedure after a scaling and root planning, alongside with periodontal operations or in the case of a persistent periodontal infection.

What to expect after a gingival curettage?

The gingival curettage is an important dental procedure which requires complete aftercare. The dentist informs the patient from the beginning what to expect after such technique and the treatments necessary to ease the healing process. Discomfort, small bleeding, tooth sensitivity and pain at a low level can be encountered within a few days from a gingival curettage.

The aftercare for a gingival curettage treatment

An important dental procedure like a gingival curettage is offered and explained by the dentists to all patients with complicated periodontitis among many others. The doctor will also mention what to expect after a procedure like this and the methods to release the pain and the discomfort. For instance, local anesthetics can be prescribed by your doctor, but if the pain is unbearable, he/she can apply a desensitizing agent as soon as you step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Dental appearance and healthcare after a gingival curettage

After one week, the gum looks reduced in height due to apical shift in the position of the gingival edge and, after two weeks, the color, the surface, texture and the consistency are normal. Also, the contour of gingival margin is well adjusted to the tooth. Our  team of dentists recommends to all patients who suffered a gingival curettage procedure to preserve an accurate oral hygiene. Besides considering the daily routines related to your denture, it is recommended to soften the brushing technique and to keep in mind that it is normal for the gum tissues to bleed a little, three or four days after the gingival curettage. Please consider the nutritional changes as recommended by your doctor. As for the dental checkups after a gingival curettage, these are mandatory for each patient, in order to verify the status of the denture and if the recovery is at proper levels.

For any other information regarding the periodontal procedures and especially a gingival curettage, please contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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