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Updated on Sunday 03rd December 2017

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Red, swollen and bleeding gums are the first signs of gingivitis, a dental problem which is developed by many people who do not put that much accent on oral hygiene. The bad part is that gingivitis might turn into periodontitis which is the ultimate stage of the gum disease, leading to tooth loss. Luckily, in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, our patients can receive dental treatments for gingivitis, in order to regain the health of the teeth and avoid complications. Our dentists in Dubai recommend to all patients to consider dental check-ups as soon as they detect the first signs of gingivitis.

What is gingivitis and how affects the teeth?

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. The dental plaque grows around the gums, especially if a person does not pay attention to a correct oral hygiene which involves brushing and flossing the teeth at least twice per day. In this stage, the gums become red, irritated, inflamed and start to bleed. Left untreated, gingivitis can transform into a more severe dental problem called periodontitis. In this situation, the teeth can get lose and fall, but instead of meeting such unwanted problems, our Dubai dentist suggests individuals complete dental check-ups where certain treatments will be offered.

The factors that sustain the gingivitis to develop

Besides a bad oral hygiene, people might develop gingivitis without noticing if they smoke, if they do not adopt a healthy diet rich in vitamins, if they have a dry mouth or if they deal with certain medical conditions linked to prescribed medications. One should know that gingivitis can be treated in time in our dental clinics in Dubai, and our doctors will also recommend to their patients varied treatments to consider at home.

How gingivitis is diagnosed

While on a dental appointment, our dentist in Dubai will verify the patient’s medical history, in order to see if there are certain conditions which led to gingivitis. Additionally, the doctor will use different dental instruments to check the amount of dental plaque. A dental x-ray will also help the doctor properly see the stage of the gingivitis. The next step is to create a dental plan and to offer the suitable treatments for gingivitis.

Treating gingivitis in our dental clinics in Dubai

The gingivitis treatment starts with a professional dental cleaning offered by our dentist. This implies several methods to eliminate the dental plaque which developed at the base of the teeth. Scaling and root planning is also an important procedure made in our Dubai clinics because the tartar and the bacteria can be removed not only from the surface of the teeth but also beneath the gums, this way blocking the microbes to develop once again. Gingivitis treatments are not painful, but anxious patients can receive local anesthesia. As soon as the dentist performed gingivitis treatments, the patient can receive other recommendations like dental implants in Dubai, if there are missing teeth, or other dental restorations to transform the denture into a healthy one.

Home care after gingivitis treatments

Even if it is well-known, each and one of us must be aware that healthy teeth will pretty much depend on our daily habits. It is impetuous to brush and floss the teeth and to use special rinses based on fluoride. Before going to sleep, the teeth must be properly cleaned. A good oral hygiene can also be maintained with the help of periodical dental visits.

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you want to know more details about the gingivitis treatments we can offer.



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