History of Dental Tourism

Updated on Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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The medical tourism is not a new concept, as patients and doctors have been practicing it for hundreds of years. It is said that it started when rich Romans went to Germany to treat their diseases after finding out about the properties of the healing waters at spas. According to the patient’s disease, the doctors used to recommend a treatment which involved traveling in another part of the country (to the seaside, the mountains, salt mines etc.) or even in other countries. Nowadays, we invite you in our modern dental clinics in Dubai for complete dental treatments made with top-class technology. Our dentists in Dubai will offer a complete investigation of the denture and then will set up a treatment plan in accordance with the needs of the patient.

Main reasons for development of dental tourism 

The dental tourism is a new branch of medical tourism and it has been practiced in the last decades. It assumes that people in need of medical care are willing to travel outside their countries, looking for professional dental treatments. Usually, people are interested in this type of tourism in the situation in which the dental services in their home-country are lacking a high level of expertise. Another reason is that the prices imposed either by the dental health care system or by private dentists are too high. Thus, several countries have developed an industry in the field of dental tourism, offering a well-adjusted dental treatment to the patient and a trip to certain iconic places in that country. 

Dental tourism in Dubai 

At this moment, only a few countries and regions around the world can offer full services of dental tourism. Amongst these few, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) has recently been nominated as one of the top destinations for dental care, with excellent services offered at very attractive prices. Most of the patients interested in dental treatments in Dubai are from United States of America, United Kingdom or Germany. Patients prefer these services either in the situation in which their dental health is compromised or for aesthetical problems of the teeth.  According to the medical problem, the patient should prepare for a vacation that may last a few days or even weeks. Our Dubai dentists will recommend a personalized dental treatment plan that will suit the patient's needs and also taking into account the time the person can be away from work or from other personal duties. 

Why choose our modern dental clinics in Dubai?

Being placed on top destinations with a developed dental tourism, Dubai awaits its tourists in search of suitable treatment plans made by experienced dentists. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, the patients can receive the following treatments:

•    dental implants in Dubai;
•    professional dental cleanings;
•    treatments for gum diseases;
•    surgical intervention;
•    teeth whitening;
•    cosmetic dentistry;
•    orthodontic treatments;
•    hyperdontia treatments;
•    emergency treatments in case of dental injuries;
•    restorative dentistry.

Ask for dental implants in Dubai

The dental implants are the proper substitutes for the natural teeth, where the results are according to the expectations. It is good to know that the dental implants are long-term options for patients who have suffered from tooth loss. Having dental implants in Dubai means proper treatments made by our skilled team of dentists in completely high-class equipped dental clinics in Dubai. Moreover, anyone in search of dental implants will immediately recover the shape and the appearance of the face, due to a perfect denture which will rise the self-esteem. Besides that, the main functions of the teeth will be restored, without worrying that a normal bite or a little bit harder will damage the dental implants. And the best part is that the dental implants do not develop cavities, but periodical dental check-ups are necessary if you want your new teeth last for a life time.

For a better understanding of the history of dental tourism, please watch the video below: 

Our clients’ dental visit in Dubai will include meetings with the dentist and the initiation of the dental treatment plan, sightseeing of iconic places in Dubai, visits at the Dubai’s museums, shopping tours, and many others. Please contact our dentists in Dubai, who will gladly help you choose the proper option for your specific situation.  



March 4, 2016

At the moment, Dubai is one of the most important locations in the world for dental treatments, which are performed with high quality equipment.

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