How Dental Tourism Appeared

Updated on Thursday 02nd February 2017

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Dental tourism is a category of medical tourism which combines low-cost dental health services with a holiday. Generally, people from all over the world look for medical care outside their own countries because of the expensive medical services rendered by their own medical systems. 

Beginning of dental tourism

The history of dental tourism is quite ancient. The concept of traveling to a different country for dental or medical health services has been popular for centuries. Even hundreds of years ago, physicians recommended their patients to leave damp climates like England or Norway for warmer ones, south of Italy for example, in the cure of tuberculosis. 

More recently, medical tourism developed as people were travelling to Asia, Europe and Africa to take advantage of better medical care. However, it was not an organized industry until 1998 when a large “five-star” hospital was built in Thailand. Although at the beginning it was meant to offer medical services to local people, when Thailand was affected by a currency crisis, the hospital management started focusing its efforts in bringing international patients who could afford the treatments. This was probably the first organized tactic of the medical tourism.

Since then, many governments all around the world have stated that medical tourism – including dental tourism - is a national priority. The intent is to appeal millions of patients who want to save their money by receiving quality low-cost medical services at a standard hopefully equal to that from their own national healthcare systems.

Dubai as a top dental tourism destination

In recent years, Dubai has been mentioned on all lists with the most popular dental tourism destinations in the entire world. Dubai of the UAE is often mentioned as being one of the most popular dental tourism locations, being classified as a luxury travel destination which offers medical tourists quality treatments at quite affordable prices. Dental clinics in Dubai are visited by patients coming mostly from the US, UK and Germany.

On January 2016, Dr. Layla Al Marzouqi, the director of Health Regulation and the medical tourism project in Dubai Health Authority (DHA) declared that, in the third quarter of 2015, the international medical tourist traffic in Dubai generated an annual revenue of an annual growth of 18%. She added that one of the top most popular sectors for medical tourism was the dental segment and that Dubai is estimating more than one million medical tourists by 2020. 

All these being said, why not combine a holiday with taking care of your teeth in one of the most exotic and popular destinations in the world? Contact our dentists in Dubai now if you want to make an appointment.


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