How is Dental Dam Used in Dental Treatments

Updated on Thursday 04th August 2016

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A dental dam, also known as a rubber dam, is a rectangular sheet, generally latex rubber that is used in dentistry to separate the operative place from the rest of the mouth. The dentists in Dubai use the dental dam mostly in common restorative treatments, fixed prosthodontics and endodontic treatments.

The purpose of a dental dam is both to prevent saliva affecting the dental work, like infection of oral micro-organisms during a root canal treatment, or to keep filling materials, such as composite, dry during placement and curing and to avoid materials and instruments from being swallowed, inhaled or injuring the mouth.

The use of dental dam, step-by-step

The dentist in Dubai will put a dental dam over the patient’s mouth and will use minor clamps along the edge of the gums to hold it steady during an endodontic treatment. The patients are advised to tell the dentist if they are allergic to latex, in order to be replaced with a silicone dental dam. The next step in the process is using a special hole punch in order to create holes in the dental dam that will permit the crown to stand out. 

Our dentists in Dubai use the dental dam to create a clean and a dry working zone and to retract the lips and the cheeks, in order to allow treatment of the teeth problem without any contamination from saliva or blood. 

The benefits of a dental dam

The dentists in Dubai use dental dams during all endodontic processes to make a safe operating environment and here are the main benefits:

•    prevents the possibility of any materials or substances dropping into your mouth or being swallowed during the treatment;
•    prevents the cured area from being exposed to microbes in your saliva and oral cavity;
•   keeps the treated area free of blood or saliva when inserting a filling, so that the adhesive can bond properly;
•    protects the tongue and the gums from irritation that could otherwise appear during the treatment.

Our dentist in Dubai use the dental dams during appropriate procedures for the protection of both patient and doctor.

For any other questions or information regarding the use of dental dams or regarding the dental implants in Dubai, please feel free to contact our dental clinics.


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