How Periodontitis Appears

Updated on Monday 03rd April 2017

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Periodontitis is a severe gum disease which involves numerous patients who do not put accent on the importance of oral hygiene. This kind of dental illness leads to tooth loss if not treated in time. Our dentists in Dubai can explain why periodontitis appears and what you can do to prevent such severe dental infection. If your case requires, you can ask for dental implants in Dubai, a great option for all patients who suffer from tooth loss and want to regain their smile and confidence.

A bad oral hygiene can transform into periodontitis

The bacteria develop in the mouth, especially on the teeth and then turn into a sticky form which develops into dental plaque. If your gums are bleeding, if you feel pain around the teeth and if you see they loosen up, then it is time to see your dentist. Such severe symptoms are signs of periodontitis, a gum infection that appears due to bad oral hygiene, like not giving attention to daily brushing and flossing. Many years ago, people considered that tooth loss was related to aging, but today, the situation is completely different because the periodontal disease is definitely associated with bad oral habits and hygiene. In other words, the bacterial plaque found on the teeth transforms into tartar below the gum line, creating space between the teeth and the gums, letting bacteria to attach to the roots of the teeth and the tissues around. This is why teeth are starting to move, the gums are starting to bleed and the halitosis appears.

The Dubai dentist always suggests and reminds the patients the importance of dental hygiene like daily brushing and flossing, to prevent bacteria from developing on the teeth. The periodontal disease will lead to tooth loss, a weakened jaw and an unpleasant appearance. But thanks to the advanced technology in dentistry, the gingivitis, and the periodontal disease can be treated in time.

How to treat periodontitis

If the gingivitis unfortunately turned into periodontitis, the dentist in Dubai will propose a root scaling and planning, which is an important dental procedure adopted for such severe gum diseases. The plaque and the tartar will be removed with professional cleaning, under local anesthesia. The gum tissues will then be attached back to the teeth after a root canal treatment. But if the tissue does not fit on the teeth, a pocket reduction will be made, in order to close the empty spaces where bacteria can develop once again. Besides dental treatments for periodontitis made in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, the patients must be aware of the significance of the daily dental routines which involve correct brushing and flossing of the teeth.

You are kindly invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra information about the available dental treatments for periodontitis.


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