How to Avoid Dental Infections

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2016

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The prophylactic treatment for dental infections is a measure designed to prevent a disease from occurring and it is used in dental clinics in Dubai. We have specialized medical professionals to deliver the safest and advanced dental care in Dubai and our patients will always be treated with respect and compassion.

Treatment administration

Because this type of treatment is administered to prevent a disease, our patients should know that our dentists in Dubai provide a wide range of dental health care services, such as routine checkups, fitting braces, teeth cleanings, laser techniques and we also treat oral disease.

Many people are informed by their dentist in Dubai that they should take an antibiotic before proceeding with their dental/surgical procedure. However, some of these procedures (root canal, tooth extraction) may allow mouth bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Sometimes the bacteria can cause inflammation to the heart valves and it is called IE – infective endocarditis. Thus, taking the antibiotics before the dental operation will prevent the bacteria from being allowed into the bloodstream.  

The IE infection

The IE infection occurs mostly in those people who have had previous heart surgery or have abnormal heart valves. Basically, what happens is that bacteria circulates in the bloodstream and sticks to the lining (or valves of the heart). Then, it grows on the surface of the valves, creating a small mass (or vegetation) on them or on the lining. Also, the infected surface may become damaged (secondarily).

These preventative antibiotics are mostly recommended for the high-risk patients whom are undergoing dental operations which involve the manipulation of the gums and tissue (tooth extractions, scaling, drainage of the dental abscess). Other procedures, such as injections (anesthetic) or X-rays do not require antibiotics.


As recommendations for dental or upper respiratory tract procedures, the people who have high risk of IE should take a single dose of an antibiotic (pill or liquid) an hour before the certain dental procedure. Those allergic to penicillin can be treated with an alternate antibiotic, one hour before the operation. In the case of people who cannot take oral medications, they can be treated with an injection (antibiotic) within thirty minutes before the procedure. 

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