How to Choose the Proper Oral Sedation Method

Updated on Monday 12th September 2016

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Many patients with dental problems are afraid of pain, but the dentist in Dubai will offer the proper oral sedation before he starts any treatment. After studying the patients’ dental history, our dentists in Dubai will decide what kind of medication or available drugs are suitable for them. The oral sedation is extremely important before any dental procedure, so make sure to tell your dentist every medical problem and details about any illness that you might had. It is good to know that you can also receive dental implants in Dubai, in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Types of oral sedation

Inhalation conscious sedation is a well-known sedation method used for more than 100 years by all dentists. This oral sedation contains nitrous oxide, also known as the laughing gas, and is a great option for all patients, no matter the dental problems they might have. This pain reliever is administered through a nasal device that looks like a small cup. There are many advantages if you choose this oral sedation and those are:

•    mixed with oxygen, this oral sedation will offer you a euphoria feeling;
•    you will still feel the entire body;
•    you will be aware of things around you;
•    there is no hangover effect.

The local anesthesia is used to numb the problematic tooth or area, and to block the nerves. The dentists in Dubai are using this type of oral sedation in procedures like dental filingsdental implants or when they treat gum diseases. You can choose this oral sedation if you want to get rid of the toothache quickly. It is recommended another pain reliever after these kinds of treatments and here we mention aspirin and anti-inflammatory pills. Make sure to talk to your dentist and tell him your medical history or any other recent medication.

Our Dubai dentists are able to offer you the proper oral sedation after examining your dental problems.

The intravenous sedation for extreme pain

The intravenous sedation (IV) is another method used in dental procedures and implies administered medication directly into the blood stream, intravenously. This type of sedation has to be made by prepared dentists in this medical field. The IV has instant effect and the Dubai dentist will properly adjust the sedation level, according to the patients’ blood pressure and heart rate. The patient will enter in a deep relaxation and can experience a partial memory loss, and probably he will not remember any dental procedure in this time. It is a recommended oral sedation method for patients who cannot tolerate any kind of pain.

For any extra details or information about the oral sedation methods used in our dental clinics you can contact our dentists in Dubai.


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