How to Cure Root Canal Problems

Updated on Sunday 19th February 2017

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When you think about a root canal you probably imagine an aching dental treatment that needs a reasonable time of healing.  A root canal is usually made when there is a severe problem, like irritation or infection, which can result in tooth decay, a broken tooth or a constant need to heal the area. Enduring a root canal helps avoid pain and the chance of developing an abscess.  Our dentists in Dubai offer proper information and treatment plans if you deal with root canal problems and special care in our dental clinics in Dubai.

Dealing with root canal problems

For many people, the process goes off without a catch, but root canal difficulties are a surgical risk. Understanding the root canal problems before you have to deal with an operation helps you prepare for the recuperation time.  Luckily, the technique isn't always as painful as you might think and you can go back to your normal daily activities soon after. Because a root canal includes cleaning, washing and repairing the root area of a tooth, you can expect to feel some pain in the days following the process.  This might range from a gloomy ache to a light pain, but it shouldn't be so bad that it prevents you from your normal routine.  On the other hand, if some bacteria remains behind after the canal is washed; it can develop and cause discomfort down the road.  If the area is in better shape and then starts to hurt, you should see your dentist in Dubai, in order to have follow-up treatment for your problem.

Treatments for root canal problems

When the root becomes infected or irritated, or an injury and a big cavity harm the tooth, a root canal treatment is necessary. The dentist will numb the tooth and then an opening will be made through the crown of the tooth, to the pulp chamber. Different files are used to clean the impurities and unhealthy pulp out of the tooth’s canals.  The next step is to shape the canals for the filling material. Irrigation is used to help wash the canals and eliminate the remains. The canals are then filled with a permanent material. Normally, this is done with material named gutta-percha and this procedure helps protect the canals from infection or impurities. The dentist will then place a filling material on top of the gutta-percha to cover the opening. The filling stays until the tooth gets a permanent filling or a crown.
A crown, sometimes named a cap, looks like a natural tooth and it is positioned on the top of the tooth. In some situations, a support is set to the root next to the gutta-percha. This procedure gives the crown more sustenance. The final step would be cementing the crown into its place.

For any other questions or information about how to cure root canal problems, please feel free to contact our dentists in Dubai.


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