How to Plan Your Dental Vacation in Dubai

Updated on Friday 22nd December 2017

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The dental tourism has developed in a fast manner in the last decade, as numerous persons are interested in top quality medical services which can be found in well-known cities worldwide. Dubai makes no exception, on the contrary, tourists can step into our modern dental clinics for varied dental treatments made with the newest technology in dentistry. Planning a dental vacation in Dubai requires attention and some free time, even if you have decided at the last moment that your business trip can include a visit to the dental office. Our dentists in Dubai have experience in numerous dental treatments and can offer information about each procedure.

Planning a dental vacation in Dubai – what to consider

Thinking of visiting a special city like Dubai and also benefit from special dental services? You can add on your agenda a dental visit in our dental clinics in Dubai where you can receive varied treatments and recommendations. Our dentist in Dubai will start with a brief oral examination to see the status of your denture and to present you possible dental treatments which can be performed while you are in the city. Even businessmen can add a dental visit on their schedule and benefit from proper treatments performed with ultimate technology in dentistryPlanning a dental vacation in Dubai should start with a research via the internet about the dental offices in the city, the experience of our doctors, the reviews, and recommendations in this matter. Besides that, you can also ask questions on the email or telephone before you book your trip to Dubai

The video below explains the reasons why you should choose Dubai for dental tourism and how to plan a dental vacation

Dental services in Dubai

Business travelers can schedule dental visits in Dubai, saving on both dental treatments and travel expenses. Here are the main dental services in Dubai you might be interested in:

•    dental fillings;
•    cosmetic dentistry;
•    dental implants;
•    pedodontics;
•    dental veneers;
•    dental radiology;
•    orthodontics;
•    prosthetics;
•    gum surgery;
•    laser tooth whitening;
emergency help for dental trauma or dental injuries.

It is good to know that there are a few dental treatments made by our Dubai dentist, which might take a while, where the patient needs to visit a few times the dental office, therefore, it is recommended to prolong the vacation. You can find out in advance how many dental visits are necessary, in order to schedule your vacation in Dubai.

Dental treatment plans for special patients

There are cases where patients with asthma attacks cannot support the physical stress of a dental visit, but still wanting to visit our dental clinics in Dubai. In this case, patients need to provide information regarding whether the medical issue is controlled or not, in order to see if he/she can plan a dental vacation in Dubai. Still speaking of special patients, our dentist in Dubai will need to talk to your doctor if you have medical problems like kidney failure, heart sickness or transplanted organs, avoiding future infections that might appear during a dental treatment.

For any other information about our dental services in Dubai, and about the available treatments, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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