How to Prevent and/or Treat Tooth Decay

Updated on Tuesday 13th September 2016

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Tooth decay is a serious dental problem that affects many people worldwide and can lead to infection and extreme pain, and eventually the loss of the toothTooth decay appears when bacteria combine with sugars from foods and drink. The acid obtained can eat all tooth minerals, can create cavities and if not treated in time, can lead to tooth loss. Our dentists in Dubai can offer information and suitable treatment plans if you wish to avoid or prevent tooth decay. You can also receive dental implants in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, equipped with high-standard technology.

The prevention of tooth decay

It is good to know that our Dubai dentists are able to offer proper guidance and also treatment plans regarding the prevention and also the evolution of tooth decay. First of all, you should take into consideration that a correct nutrition is the key to a good oral health. It is necessary to adopt a well-balanced diet with nutrients from each five food categories, because it will help you fortify the teeth and you will have minimal probabilities of developing tooth decay.

After an important dental checkup, the dentist in Dubai will offer you a treatment that includes special solutions, PH neutralizers or specific fluoride toothpaste. The fluoride varnish is a suitable method that implies re-mineralization of deteriorated teeth enamel. This is a proper option to avoid tooth decay on children

Treating tooth decay in Dubai

In cases of tooth decay with not so many damages, our dentists in Dubai will eliminate the decay and then will fix the tooth with a filling. If the nerve is damaged, you might need a root canal treatment, followed by a filling or a dental crown placement. If the teeth are badly decayed, the dentist will have to remove them for good. The treatment for tooth decay refers also to a proper oral hygiene, with daily washing and cleaning. It is recommended to use special rinses and fluoride toothpaste.

Please feel free to contact our Dubai dentists if you need extra details about how to prevent or treat tooth decay.


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