How to Treat Decay

Updated on Monday 15th August 2016

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Most people are aware of the risk of cavities, or tooth decay, but the problem is more widespread than you might think.

There are several ways to prevent cavities from forming, as well as quick actions you can take to stop tooth decay from causing more damage.

Our dentists in Dubai can offer proper information and treatment plans of you deal with tooth decay.

How cavities appear

There's a strong reason why dentists in Dubai counsel their patients to stay away from sweets. 

Cavities are formed when bacteria in your mouth act together with advanced sugars and fermentable carbohydrates like the ones found in soda and other sweets. This sugar and bacteria mixing makes acid. 

Fissures and holes may then form through deteriorated enamel and uncovered dentin, and your teeth may even crack or chip.

Cavities can also appear if the root of the tooth has been unprotected due to declining gums, or if you have a dry mouth, a condition in which you have less acid-neutralizing saliva protecting the teeth.

Decay treatment plans in Dubai

Decaying teeth can be recovered with proper treatment plans, offered by our dentists in Dubai, in proper dental clinics in Dubai.

It is good to know that white spot cuts, for instance, are early cavities that can be cured via remineralization, a non-painful treatment.

As the dentist in Dubai recommends, you can help make enamel more resistant to decay by daily using fluoride toothpaste. You can also receive restorative techniques such as fillings, root canals or pulp capping.

 A filling often suits if the decay has not touched the tooth's pulp.The next option is to remove the decay and cover up the hole with an amalgam filling or a composite resin.

If the decay has spread to the pulp or nerve, though, you may need a root canal or a pulp capping. The latter is performed when the nerve has been slightly infected and if there's still an option of natural nerve fix.

The dentist in Dubai will run an inspection to decide how seriously the nerve is damaged and may execute a root canal if the tooth's pulp is injured or when the nerve is reasonably or harshly ill or aggravated.

Please feel free to contact our dentists in Dubai for any other information regarding how to treat decay.


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