Jaw Implants in Dubai

Updated on Monday 19th February 2018

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Knowing the extensive development of dentistry in recent years, the dental clinics in Dubai make no exception in this direction and invite patients to explore the wide range of dental treatments which can be tailored to their needs. A particular request can be the jaw implant, also known as the mandibular augmentation which is recommended for patients who want to get rid of the unbalanced facial structure or who are in need of repairing methods after a facial trauma. Our dentists in Dubai stand at your disposal with information about the jaw implants and also about the dental implants which can be received at any time.

Details about the jaw implants in Dubai

The structural jaw issues can be corrected with a jaw implant or a jaw augmentation if the patient is considered a good candidate in this direction by the Dubai dentist. The procedure is made under general anesthesia as soon as a 3D image is performed for the patient, in order to see how the face will change afterward. The jaw augmentation starts with placing the implant against the existing jaw with the support of the titanium screws, just like in dental implants cases. The same implant is introduced on the other side to balance the overall denture. If it is necessary, the dentist in Dubai can perform a chin augmentation, in order to set up the final look of the mouth and the face. This dental surgery is subject to several discussions, check-ups, and recommendations made by your Dubai dentist who will establish each step of the procedure in order to deliver the best possible result. 

The recovery after jaw implant procedures in Dubai

Even if the patient who received a jaw implant in Dubai will recover in a fast manner, the first 48 hours post-surgery are crucial and need to be observed by your doctor. Swelling and mild pain might be felt after a jaw implant is performed, and furthermore, the patient cannot eat, smile or speak properly. Resting is suggested for a while, and besides that, a proper oral care is mandatory in a relaxed way to avoid any unpleasant sensations. 

Jaw implants are suggested in cases where an incorrect structural face is observed or if a dental injury occurred. This is a successful dental treatment which is at the disposal of any patient in search of changing the appearance starting with the denture.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for ample information about the jaw implants in Dubai.