Methods for Teeth Whitening

Updated on Thursday 09th November 2017

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White teeth, a healthy denture, and a beautiful smile have always been the strongest attributes of an increased confidence in social circles and daily activities of each of us. There are numerous teeth whitening methods which might seem handy and ready to make miracles, but the truth is that only a dentist can say what’s best for you. Our dentists in Dubai recommend individuals to discover the possibilities of having white teeth in a professional manner and under complete supervision. 

Professional teeth whitening methods in Dubai

Numerous patients step in our modern dental clinics in Dubai and ask for the proper method of restoring the denture’s perfect white. Even though it might seem as easy as we speak, things are a little bit different because a brighter smile involves a few essential steps. At the beginning, the Dubai dentist will make some dental x-rays and then will check-up the teeth, in order to see and detect any dental problem you are not aware of. Before any cosmetic procedure, a patient must have cleaned and healthy teeth, meaning that any signs of gingivitis or decay must be eliminated as soon they have been discovered. The next step is to plan a whitening method. For example, in our Dubai dental clinics, the most used and suggested method is bleaching. This can successfully brighten the teeth because the solution contains carbamide and hydrogen peroxide in an amount between 20 and 45%. The process is also called in-office bleaching and involves a gel and a mouthguard which are held on the teeth for a couple of minutes, depending on the doctor’s decision regarding the health of the teeth, and also on the wanted type of white.

The results are visible, but please consider that you might feel your teeth sensitive for a few days. In completion of the teeth whitening methods in our dental clinics in Dubai, your dentist can suggest you to use whitening rinses at home which are safe solutions. As a recommendation, once you have received the teeth whitening procedure, please consider the main preservation methods: brushing and flossing the teeth, avoiding coffee, wine and smoking as much as possible. As it is known, the water keeps the teeth clean and healthy. If you are a coffee addict, make sure the water won’t miss your table and your overall diet, because the doctor recommends at least two liters each day.

Home whitening methods vs. dental clinic procedures

We all see different kinds of commercials presenting all sorts of whitening methods to do at home. Our advice, think twice before choosing the simple and the cheaper solution. Even though teeth whitening kits might be approved by dental associations, you cannot proceed with these methods without having the acceptance of your dentist. Furthermore, it is a fact that the successful methods for teeth whitening are those made in a dental office, under strict supervision and guidance of your doctor.

Baking soda to brighten your teeth

The baking soda is not just an ingredient used in varied cake recipes. It is a popular and also the main component found in toothpaste. This is a mild abrasive element which scrubs away the stains of the teeth and creates an alkaline environment proper for keeping bacteria far away. Using baking soda in addition to the toothpaste a few times per month will help the teeth become brighter. This is a traditional teeth whitening method used for many years before the dentistry developed as we know today.

For additional information about the available methods for teeth whitening, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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