Modern Braces for Your Smile: Invisalign in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 24th December 2017

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Dentistry has developed quite fast in the last years, and orthodontics makes no exception. One of them is related to the Invisalign braces and are recommended for persons who do not agree or like the traditional braces made of metal or related fabrics. Details about these modern braces can be obtained from our dentists in Dubai. On request, you may solicit information about dental implants in Dubai and about the possibilities of improving the overall dental health.

What are Invisalign braces?

Invisalign braces are custom-made aligners made of plastic or of an amalgam of similar fabrics which are used to straighten the teeth. This treatment is chosen instead of traditional metal brackets and can be recommended and offered in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Besides the costs which are slightly lower compared to other orthodontic treatments, Invisalign braces have also another important benefit, and that is the possibility of taking them off before eating. The teeth are aligned in a gradual manner, therefore, the Invisalign braces should be changed once in a couple of weeks, as suggested by your Dubai dentist.

Preparing for Invisalign braces

Transforming the smile often starts with straightening the teeth. The Invisalign braces are today’s suitable treatment which starts with a complete dental check-up. Furthermore, the patient will receive a digital smile design in order to see how the teeth will look like before the Invisalign braces are placed. Considering the teeth problem a patient can have, the aligners will be shaped in accordance. With the help of a computer and related applications, the orthodontic device is designed with all the characteristics of a patient’s teeth. You may talk to our dentist in Dubai for all the implications of Invisalign braces.

The advantages of Invisalign braces

Besides the fact that Invisalign braces are transparent, therefore more attractive, these represent the proper method for teeth straightening without having to worry about the cleaning process of the denture which varies when wearing traditional brackets. Overall, the Invisalign braces are discreet and comfortable, and even more, they will do the same work as the normal devices.

If you want more details about the Invisalign braces, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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