Most Commonly Used Dental Instruments

Updated on Sunday 22nd October 2017

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The most commonly used dental instruments are known by many of us and are the ones used to perform varied dental treatments. Our dentists in Dubai use top technology in dentistry and can explain each dental treatment with any patient in search of smile improvement. Furthermore, our team can offer details and complete information about the dental implants in Dubai, which are proper replacements in cases of tooth loss.

Instruments used during a dental check-up 

When a patient is going for a dental check-up at a dentist in Dubai, he or she should expect to see the following items, which are necessary for an overall examination:

•    mouth mirror  - this instrument is used for searching the mouth site for any problems of the tissue area, gums irregularities, and tooth decay; it is a harmless tool, as it is used by the dentist just for observation; 
•   periodontal probes – used for measuring the depths of the periodontal pockets. The straight probe is used for checking existing fillings or cavities in the biting surface of the teeth, while the Briault probe is used to detect cavities developed between the teeth;
•   dental explorer – the tool, with a hook-like shape, is used by dentists to search for soft areas of the teeth that may indicate tooth decay. 

If the doctor wants to see the status of the plaque and tartar, he/she will use a periodontal scaler, a non-painful method. Once the dental check-up is performed, the dentist in Dubai will proceed with the next step, and that is to create a dental treatment plan, in accordance with the problems discovered.

We have prepared a video about the most commonly used dental instruments in our clinics in Dubai, and we invite you to watch:


Instruments used for dental procedures 

After the patient goes through the dental examination, the dentist in Dubai will start the intervention required in that case. You should expect the doctor to use at least one of the following instruments: 

•    dental retractors – used for improving visibility inside the oral cavity
•    dental drills – this tool is used for cutting into tooth enamel to remove cavities;
•    dental excavators – these instruments are used for cutting into teeth, for widening the dental cavity and for removing decayed material; 
•    periodontal scalers – long, narrow tips tools, necessary for removing hardened dental plaque from the surface of the teeth;
•    dental burnishers dentists use them at the end of the dental restoration process, to smooth rough edges remained after applying the filling material in the cavity region;
•    dental forceps – tools that are used for teeth extractions;
•    dental elevators – when making teeth extractions, dentists use them to facilitate pulling out the teeth from the sockets.

The dental laser

There are several treatments where the dental laser is used. For example, a dental laser can be used in oral surgery, under local anesthesia, but in low amounts. A dental laser can be used in pocket reduction treatments or when a tissue needs to be cauterized. Let us remind you that our dentist in Dubai can perform numerous treatments where the use of a laser is necessary and can explain the procedures step by step.

The use of excavators in dental clinics in Dubai

The excavators have numerous forms and are used to remove decay. For instance, the spoon excavator is necessary to eliminate the soft carious decay on the teeth. As for the dental hatchers, these are used to widen the entrance of the tooth cavity and cut the thin decayed enamel.

If you are interested in finding out more details about the dental instruments in our dental clinics in Dubai, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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