Oral Sedation

Updated on Monday 01st May 2017

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Oral sedation dentistry is a medical technique that implicates the administration of oral sedative drugs, usually to ease a dental procedure and reduce patient’s anxiety and fear. Oral sedation is one of the accessible procedures of conscious sedation dentistry, along with conscious intravenous sedation and inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide). Our dentists in Dubai can offer suitable information and guidance about the oral sedation procedure. As a reminder, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai and you can have access to all modern procedures in our dental clinics in Dubai.

Details about oral sedation

The contemporary age of sedative medication started in the 1800s with the manufacture of bromides and chloral hydrate. Sedative treatment helps the patients to relax by slowing the activity of the central nervous system. During sedation, the patients will remain aware of the surroundings and they will be less receptive to outside stimuli, like the smell of dental materials or the sound of the drill. The dentists in Dubai know all the new methods regarding oral sedation and will offer all the details about them. Current medications are frequently more powerful and less probable to transmit disagreeable side effects. On the other hand, all medicines vary, and there's no one medicine that's suitable for each patient. Some of the medications take action rapidly but quickly disappear in strength, while others can last for hours.  Our dentist in Dubai will prudently analyze a number of aspects to evaluate which painkiller will be the proper option in a single condition for a specific patient.

How to confirm protection before the oral sedation

Your dentist in Dubai needs to have access to the entire medical history comprising the following features:

•    medical conditions for which you are being cured;
•    other prescriptions, therapies, and vitamins, including aspirin;
•    issues like smoking and alcohol;
•    consumption of alcohol, since these can affect the efficacy of oral sedation;
•    any other medications recommended by a doctor;
•    other supplements;
•    particular foods.

Please feel free to contact our dentists in Dubai for additional information and details about the oral sedation.


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