Periodontal Disease at People with Diabetes

Updated on Friday 02nd December 2016

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According to statistics, one of five diabetic patients has suffered from tooth loss, due to the severe gum disease badly combined with this blood condition. People with diabetes have more chances to develop a periodontal disease because of several factors implied. Our dentists in Dubai can offer detailed information about how to treat the gum disease if you have diabetes. You can also receive dental implants in Dubaiif your case requires. The modern dental clinics in Dubai are the proper option for every patient who needs special dental treatments and recommendations from our team.

The connection between periodontal disease and diabetes

The medicine nowadays is still trying to figure out why the gum disease is much severe for patients with diabetes. The main conditions why periodontal disease appears at patients with such illness are:

•    if the small and thin blood vessels in the gums are injured the blood won’t flow properly to the gum tissues;
•    people with diabetes develop an insecured immune system, growing the risk of gum disease;
•    the injury healing process is reduced in diabetes, which leads to periodontal disease.

Controlling the sugar in the blood is quite difficult due to the periodontal disease in a patient with diabetes, and complications may appear. As a reminder, the gum infection shows up when bacteria creates a sticky plaque around the gum line and it is not removed in time. In order to avoid the inflammation of the gums or gingivitis, our Dubai dentist recommends periodical visits because too much plaque and tartar may pull out the teeth from their place.

Treatments for periodontal disease at patients with diabetes

The dentist in Dubai needs to know your condition and the prescribed medication, in order to examine your dental health and to perform the specific dental techniques to treat gingivitis. The plaque will be removed with special dental instruments and then a home treatment or oral care will be recommended.

Brushing and flossing the teeth twice a day are still mandatory for patients with diabetes, so does the use of special mouth rinses that prevents bacteria from developing. You should consider changing the toothbrush every three months.

People with diabetes need special dental care, so if you have any questions on this matter, you may contact our team of dentists on Dubai.


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