Periodontal Disease During Pregnancy

Updated on Thursday 01st December 2016

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The accumulation of plaque leads to gum disease and bleeding may appear during the daily routine like washing and flossing the teeth. If you are getting ready to be a mother, it is recommended to pay a visit to our dentists in Dubai and see if you need certain treatments for periodontal disease or for any other dental problem. You should know that you can also receive dental implants in Dubai. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with the top-class technology available in dentistry nowadays.

The impact of the periodontal disease on a pregnant woman

It is well-known that a woman will encounter particular hormone changes during the pregnancy period and the dental health might be affected if a suitable oral hygiene is not provided. The periodontal disease or the gingivitis appears if the tartar has not been removed from the teeth for a long time. This means red and bleeding gums and without a proper treatment, the condition can get worse and can lead to tooth loss.

Also, the periodontal disease may affect the baby’s development because the bacteria can enter into the blood. Pregnant women should know that the progesterone, the female hormone, can encourage the production of prostaglandins if a periodontal disease is involved. This bad combination leads to the inflammation of the blood vessels, redness, and sensitive gum tissues. In order to avoid the premature labor, due to the periodontal disease, our Dubai dentist can recommend personalized dental treatments after a proper examination of the general and dental health

How to treat gingivitis in a pregnancy period

Specific examinations can be made by our dentists in Dubai and you should know that non-surgical treatments can be performed for every pregnant woman who deals with periodontal disease. The scaling and root planing are the most important dental treatments that can be received by a patient, if such problem occurs. Besides that, a proper dental hygiene is highly recommended.

If you are a pregnant woman who suffers from a periodontal disease, you may contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information.


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