Periodontal Surgery in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 13th September 2016

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Periodontal surgery is recommended for patients who want to correct a gum tissue problem like deep pockets or gum lines developed too much above the teeth. This procedure will depend on your dental health and the dentist in Dubai will properly examine your teeth condition, in order to offer proper treatment plans. It is good to know that you can also receive dental implants in Dubai.


Situations in which you need periodontal surgery

Untreated dental problems may damage the gum tissue and also the bone supporting the tooth. In this stage, the Dubai dentist will have to perform periodontal surgery to regenerate the damaged part of the bone and the supporting gum tissue. If the case requires, the dentist will place bone grafts in order to restore and build up the tooth support. If a patient suffers from tooth decay, if the teeth are underneath the gum line or if there is not enough tooth structure for placing a dental bridge or crown, the dentists in Dubai will definitely choose the periodontal surgery procedure, in order to adjust the gum tissue and the bone level. This procedure implies the reshape of the gum tissue and bone, in order to have adequate tooth structure, for easy access to the following stage of the restoration.

Aggressive tooth brushing and periodontal disease may affect the smile, due to gum recession.  This is a strong reason why dentists choose periodontal surgery for patients with these kinds of problems. The soft tissue graft technique will fix the deficiency and will help prevent further gum recession

Facts about periodontal surgery 

Periodontal surgery or gingivectomy was developed by a Hungarian dentist in 1862. The flap procedure is also his innovation, and it is a technique that stands to many surgical procedures nowadays. The advanced and accurate surgical procedures nowadays let the periodontal dentist to renew and reconstruct lost or missing gum tissues. Modern procedures do not cause pain, and are made under local anesthesia, in our high-standard dental clinics in Dubai.

If you have any other questions about periodontal surgery in Dubai, or if you need dental services, you can contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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