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Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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Periodontology is the specialty of dentistry which studies the functional system of hard and soft tissues which support the teeth and preserve their position in the jaw. This system, called periodontium, carries certain crucial functions, like steadily attaching the teeth to the jaw, acting as a shock absorber when biting and chewing and keeping the teeth in a steady position on the jaws for an efficient and comfortable function while chewing. Our dentists in Dubai are at your disposal with information about the dental treatments one can receive in our dental clinics.

Components of the periodontium

The periodontium is composed of several structures which function collectively. These structures are:

•    the tooth socket: the bony pouch in the superior or lower jawbone in which the tooth is located; 
•    a layer of cementum (a natural mineralized tissue covering the anatomic root of the tooth): under the gums, the supporting roots of the teeth lengthen down into the tooth socket, being covered by such a layer;
•    periodontal ligament: a complex array of small fibers which extend between the root cementum and the bony socket, holding together the tooth. 

Because the various components of the periodontium are created from living tissues, they adapt to the changes in our mouths in time, subtly altering the shape and thickness that maintain a stable position of the teeth.

Periodontal treatments and procedures in Dubai 

Periodontists are dentists in Dubai who are specialized in treating periodontal diseases. They undertake up to three supplementary years of specialized instruction in periodontal disease treatments in non-surgical cures, as well as periodontal plastic surgery operations. Periodontists are also specialists in restoring missing teeth with dental implants.

The periodontology treatments and procedures in Dubai that we offer are the following:

•    non-surgical treatments: non-invasive and cost-effective. These treatments include:
      - scaling and root planing: a cautious cleaning of the root surfaces to eliminate plaque and calculus (tartar) from profound periodontal pockets and to flat root to eradicate bacterial toxins;
      -  tray delivery systems: custom-fit trays fabricated from impressions of the patient’s mouth.
•    gum graft surgeries: gum grafts can be utilized to cover the roots or enlarge gum tissue where it is lacking because of excessive gingival recession;
•    laser treatments: modern studies have demonstrated that laser treatments confer similar results to other treatment options, including scaling and root planing.
•    regenerative procedures: these are operations performed in our dental clinics in Dubai which regenerate lost bone and tissue which support the teeth, reversing some of the damages caused by the periodontal disease;
•    dental crown lengthening: during this type of procedure, excess gum and bone tissue is redesigned in order to render more of the natural tooth;
•    dental implants: artificial teeth which are situated into the jaw to hold replacement teeth or bridges. There are two types of dental implants:
     1.    endosteal (in the bone): the most commonly used. Different types include screws, cylinders or blades surgically inserted into the bone; 
     2.    subperiosteal (on the bone): inserted on top of the jaw with the posts of the metal framework obtruding through the gum in order to hold the prosthesis.
•    pocket reduction procedures: in such procedures, the dentists in Dubai fold back the gum tissue and eliminate the bacteria which causes the disease. 
•    plastic surgery procedures: we can help with issues like a gummy smile or uneven gum line, long teeth or exposed roots and indentations in the gums and jawbone. 

Laser treatments in Dubai

As part of periodontology, the laser treatments are widely used in dentistry, with no exception in our dental clinics in Dubai. Treating gum diseases with laser procedures has proven successful in the past decade. The laser periodontal therapy is suggested for patients with periodontitis or periodontal gum disease, one of the most severe dental problem that affects numerous individuals. A poor oral hygiene, using particular medications or having diabetes are the main causes why periodontitis develops. 

Luckily, besides the well-known scaling and root planing procedure, our Dubai dentists can offer a successful alternative with the help of the laser procedure. This involves the dental laser which is used to remove the swollen gum tissue in order to clean the roots of the teeth and eliminate the dental plaque and bacteria. It is important to understand that any sign of toxins and microbes must be removed for good, letting no space for future developments and issues. The laser therapy is accurate, less invasive, and allows patients to recover in a fast manner compared to those who have received surgical interventions.

The importance of periodontology 

Our periodontists in Dubai may perform varied treatments related to this branch of dentistry, but they can also suggest patients dental implants in Dubai. Besides that, a periodontist who evaluates a patient’s mouth can detect if he or she develops other disorders by only seeing and analyzing the status of the teeth and gums. It is a recognized fact that the general health is in solid bond with the denture of a person, and the mouth is considered the mirror that offers details about the overall well-being of someone. It is advisable to see your dentist once in six months and to solve any dental problem before it gets worse. In this matter, a complete dental check-up will reveal any signs of problems.

If you would like to know more about the periodontology treatments and procedures in Dubai we offer, please contact us now.


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