Prevention of Dental Problems

Updated on Sunday 22nd October 2017

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The proper eating habits and the suitable oral hygiene are the main parts of the prevention of dental problems which need to be implemented at early ages. The first dental visit is recommended once the primary teeth of a child start to grow, helping the future adult to be aware of the importance of the oral health during his/her life. Our dentists in Dubai can offer varied recommendations related to the prevention of dental problems. Even more, persons who suffered tooth loss or dental trauma and need to improve their denture, have the possibility of receiving dental implants in Dubai.

Dental prevention methods for everyone

Decay and cavities can occur at unexpected moments because, in most cases, the oral hygiene of a person was not a priority. The prevention of dental problems regards the methods which help us maintain our denture on normal levels of health. Here are the main prevention methods of dental problems:

•    brushing the teeth - this is one of the most effective dental problem prevention methods, recommended by all dentists worldwide. It is suggested to brush the teeth at least twice per day, for about two minutes each session. A suitable brushing of the teeth can be made with a toothbrush with soft bristles and a non-aggressive method with gentle circular motions. The tongue also needs to be cleaned, usually with the back head of a toothbrush. For a better cleaning of the teeth, you can use an electric toothbrush and you can ask for details in this matter from our Dubai dentists.

•    flossing the teeth - patients are advised to use dental floss after each brushing in order to eliminate pieces of debris which can get stuck between the teeth. Keep in mind that using dental floss might cause gum bleeding at the beginning, but if the problem persists, talk to your Dubai dentist for further dental treatments.

•    diet – numerous foods can damage the teeth, lead to tooth decay and many of them, like fruits and vegetables, can help teeth remain strong and healthy. The vitamins and minerals are necessary for our general health, including the denture. Products like desserts, candies, snacks, candies and acid beverages are based on sugar, the main enemy of your teeth which, in combination with bacteria, can develop tooth decay

For a better understanding of the prevention methods for a proper oral care, please feel free to watch the video below: 


Eat healthy and prevent possible dental problems

In order to maintain your teeth healthy, consider the following foods as part of your healthy diet:

•    fruits;
•    vegetables;
•    dairy products;
•    cereals;
•    meats.

Our dentist in Dubai is able to provide you with complete information about how to maintain your teeth healthy by choosing the main dental problem prevention methods which can be entirely explained.

Schedule periodical dental check-ups

Even if a suitable diet and daily dental habits are adopted, everyone needs to see the dentist from time to time. This is an important method to prevent possible dental problems like tooth decay, cavities, periodontitis or halitosis. A dentist can make an entire investigation and can detect any problem like dental fissures or signs of tooth decay, which is why we recommend you to visit our dental clinics in Dubai, where suitable dental treatments can be provided. Besides that, it is mandatory to eliminate the dental plaque developed on the teeth at least once per year, in order to avoid gingivitis, a severe gum tissue problem. The professional dental cleanings are excellent prevention methods for any dental problem.

For a better understanding of the prevention of dental problems, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.