Prophylactic Treatments in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 25th May 2016

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Dental prophylaxis is a professional and important dental cleaning procedure that can be done by our dentists or dental hygienists in Dubai and includes elimination of tartar, plaque, marks and stains. It is also known and used as a protective measure for controlling the gingivitis.

The procedure, step-by-step

Our dentists in Dubai will use a selection of instruments to clean and polish the teeth and here we mention the ultrasonic instrument that can be used to remove the thick pieces of tartar with the help of vibrations. The device also has a built-in cleaning option and can spray water to wash the surface at the end of the dental procedure
Also, scalers and curettes are used for prophylactic treatments, in order to prudently remove the bigger tartar deposits or pieces and to level the surface of the tooth. 

The prophylactic treatment usually doesn’t hurt, but some patients might feel little discomfort or tickly from the devices used during the dental procedure. If patients will feel pain during the process, our dentists in Dubai should be informed because there is a probability for them to deal with gum tissue problems.

Prophylactic treatment to regain your smile

Our dentists recommend regular visits in dental clinics in Dubai, in order for you to prevent possible gum problems. The level of cleaning can be made according to your needs and the dentists in Dubai will not perform any useless procedures.
If you want to have a more beautiful and a whiter smile, our dentists in Dubai recommend dental prophylaxis treatment, which is also known as a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Our dentists in Dubai are specialized in a wide range of dental services that include also prophylactic treatments.

In order for you to have proper treatment plans, guidance through the dental process and also information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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